Wyze Cam Review

In previous years, security cameras were almost exclusively used by businesses or the government. Very few people had them for their homes unless they had an expensive security system.

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera

Now, these kinds of security cameras are much more easily accessible, and you can get one and set it up by yourself for a pretty low price. The Wyze camera provides a lot of features that help you keep your property safe.

This camera has a very impressive lens and resolution that it records at. It uses a wide angle lens, meaning it can capture a lot more area than a standard lens. This ensures that nobody can easily sneak around it or avoid it – especially if it’s pointed across an open area.

It captures video at a 1080p resolution, meaning everything in the wide angle lens will be crystal clear. Some cameras record at low resolutions, which can make it difficult for you to distinguish the perpetrator’s facial features, but that’s not an issue with the Wyze cam.

One concern that some people have about cameras is whether or not they can display good image quality in the dark. Most burglaries and similar crimes occur during the night, so naturally you’d want good nighttime recording quality.

The Wyze camera uses IR sensors in order to capture incredibly clear night vision video, meaning no matter what the lighting conditions are like in your house, you’ll be able to see everything going on.

The Wyze camera connects to your smartphone in order for you to use a few of its features. For example, it constantly live streams the video feed to your phone so you can always check it when you need to.

This can come in handy for things like a nursery room, so you can check on your baby from anywhere, even if you’re out of the house and the baby is with a sitter. While it’s streaming, it has a feature that tracks moving objects with an outlined bright-colored rectangle, so that you can easily detect things that are in motion.

Another feature that uses your smartphone is the two-way audio feed. Two-way audio means that not only can you hear things that the camera records, but you can also talk through it in order to have it play through the speaker in the camera.

This can help deter criminals, because if they suddenly know that they’re caught, they’ll take off, even if you’re not actually there in person to stop them.