Best Tech Toys 2019-2020 For Kids

Give Your Kids an Edge in Today’s Tech World by getting The Best Tech Toys 2019

In today’s fast-paced tech world, toys are not only made to distract kids and pass time. Manufacturers are incorporating various technological aspects that benefit the little ones in multiple ways. These help children learn new skills, visualizing matter that the naked eye cannot see naturally, and get a head start into loving STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), amongst others. Because there are different options available in the market, we opted to make a list of the 10 best tech toys 2019 below. 

1. Nintendo Switch Lite (Gray, Yellow, and Turquoise)

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite is a fresh version of the Nintendo Switch system that kids will go crazy for. It has been optimized for handheld play complete with a unibody design and an in-built control pad. The Switch Lite is light and small perfect gaming on the go. There is no chance of getting bored thanks to the fact that it is compatible with numerous Nintendo switch games. Kids can also link their Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch to play multiplayer games anywhere. It also features a news feed that allows users to get the latest announcements, updates, and other news. 

2. Sphero Specdrums 2 Rings 

No toy collection is complete without the SpheroSpecdrums. The toy made with sleek technology includes LEDs, light sensor, accelerometer, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Kids get to work with a MIX app that offers readily available sound packs that make it possible for the young ones to produce and mix songs with just a tap of the finger. You can also connect the Specdrums to other music software that accept Bluetooth MIDI. All kids regardless of their skill level will enjoy this toy as they play around with tons of music instruments, sounds, and loops to create musical masterpieces. 

3. Really Rad Robots TURBO BOT 

Suitable for kids between the ages of 5-15, the Turbo Bot is a fast-moving and talking bot. It appeals to children who love speed. Its remote control features a “Turbo Boost” switch that sets the bot in rapid motion. The fact that a person can use voice commands to control the bot makes it even more fascinating. His voice command system also allows it to respond to its users. The bot can record a message for 10 seconds and play it back. It also boasts of “Crash Recognition” that allows it to change direction to stay out of trouble. 

4. VankyoMatrixPad Z1 Kids Tablet 7 inch (Blue and Pink)

This Vankyo kid tablet is a great pick for anyone looking for brilliant tech gifts. It is pre-loaded with COPPA Certified Kid App Kidoz offering plenty of videos, games, kid-friendly sites, paintings, and educational applications. This helps enhance your child’s skills in different areas like reading, maths, creative arts, puzzles, music, and so much more. Additionally, manufacturers fitted the tablet with Eye Health mode that filters blue light and a bumper that not only has an in-built stand, but it is shock-resistant as well. Most importantly it has advanced parental control that allows parents to create and customize their children’s accounts.  

5. VTechKidi Star Dance 

Do your kids love dancing? Well, the VTechKidi Star Dance toy is just what they need. It is a unique toy that offers multiple games, allows kids to dance music, and learn new moves. It presents tantalizing dance challenges for kids to play alone or with their friends. The young ones can strap on motion-activated bands to challenge their pals to a dance-off or play games like Rhythm and DJ station. An animated instructor is available when users want to learn new dance movies. The bands can also be used to create different sound effects to music. 

6. Novie Robot (Blue, Purple, and Red)

Do not judge the Novie for its small size. It’s a smart and interactive robot that can follow commands to perform over 75 actions as it learns new tricks. It follows hand gestures easily practicing perfecting every move it learns. There are many things to love about this robot including more than 60 animations and 3 motor speeds that allow kids to train him in 3 stages from beginner, intermediate, and finally advanced. The robot’s LED eyes also change color depending on the mode. Friends can also bring their Novies together to see how they play and interact with each other. 

7. LeapFrogLeapStart Go System 

Kick-start your little one’s education with the LeapStart Go InteractiveLearning System. It’s perfect for pre-school kids to the first grade. The stylus that is attractive and easy to hold triggers audio and video responses on the LCD screen with in-built speakers. Video effects allow the young ones to zoom in as they discover and interact with different learning concepts. Most activities are available in 2 levels so that users can advance when they want to. There are more than 400 activities in the Grow-with-me-library that cover all three school levels with over 50 skills for each. 

8. LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 (70423)

LEGO lovers are in for a treat with the LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus. This is one of the tech toys for kids that has merged open creative play and AR (Augmented Reality) app. Excellent for both girls and boys who are above the age of 8, it comes with a command center, cannons, scanners, and mini-figures that are all instrumental in building and ghost adventure play. The AR toy also features 6 figures that make up the task force for kids as they go out to capture ghosts. Scanning the LEGO model using a smartphone instantly brings it to life. 

9. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad 

There is no better way for preschool kids to hone creativity and problem-solving skills than to use the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit. It presents learning games that interact with an iPad and handheld pieces without using WiFi. It teaches the young scholars phonics, letter formation, and the creation of pictures in a fun-filled manner. This kit also allows the little ones to use rings & sticks to bring animals to life or feed and dress characters as well as narrate problem-solving stories. It makes things a lot easier in terms of tracking game progress and allowing learning continuation. 

10. Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit 

The Force Coding Kit will instantly grab the attention of your children allowing them to create, code, and play never-ending Star Wars Adventures. The box avails sensors that players use to connect bits, boards, and buttons. It also presents challenges that teach users to code blocks as they learn about variables, loops, and logic. This is not all, players also get a chance to discover the force. Moving the hand allows a person to pilot starships, levitate X-wings, swing lightsabers, and lots more. Users can also come up with their adventures with planets, creatures, sounds, and iconic characters, etc. 


The list above gives parents and guardians several options for age-appropriate top-rated tech gifts. These are toys that the little ones will treasure for years while learning lots of new things. 

Bose Wave Music System IV Review

Music is all about choice. You might want something rock sounding in the living room, more mellow in the kitchen and the sweet sound of jazz or instrumentals in the bedroom.

But the problem is that not all music systems give you that choice. You get stuck with whatever setup comes with the system. You don’t want to waste time or deal with inconvenience of having multiple room set ups just to listen the music you want to hear where you want to hear it at.

You can buy a main system for your living room, then hook it up to your other rooms. You won’t get a lot of options for changing up the music, though from one room to the next.

Or, you can get a music system that puts you in charge, yet still gives you voice control convenience. The Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV is designed to work with Alexa so you get multiple options to get entertainment your way every time.

Alexa allows you to control your choices effortlessly. You speak and the music follows.

And it’s not just streaming music that you’ll be able to get, either. Wherever there’s music, you can get it.

If you want to listen to it from the Internet, you have that option. You can hear music from your customized library, from the radio, and it’ll even play those CDs that you still love and have held onto.

It also gives you the ability to play music from Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, SiriusXM, Deezer, IHeartRadio and more. You’ll be able to create preset music lists and set those using the remote or through the app.

This will give you access to thousands of songs. The product is compatible with other Alexa devices. It uses a wireless connection and is compatible with Bluetooth, too. So you can play music using your phone or other gadget as well.

A great feature with this system is that you can listen to the same music in every room in your home. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Taking it a step above other music systems, the Bose Wave gives you the ability to listen to different music in multiple rooms.

So you can listen to country in the living room, rock-n-roll in the kitchen, instrumental in the dining room and kids’ songs in the playroom. It can deliver quality sound, thanks to the waveguide technology built into the system.

Your music will be a rich, crystal clear performance in any room. Because it has Alexa, you can use this as a hands-free way to change songs, turn up the volume, decide where you want the music played or not. You would just say something like, “Alexa, turn off the Kitchen” and the music in that room would shut off. Get the Bose Wave and give yourself the ability to hear the kind of music you want to listen to wherever you are in your home.

iDealBed 4i Review

As much as technology has advanced through the years, one thing seems to have remained just about the same: beds. Despite how often we use them, very few people have made any kinds of significant changes to the beds we had decades ago.

However, the iDealBed changes that, providing a ton of features to make your sleeping and relaxation experiences far better than you thought they could be. One of the first things you’ll notice with this bed is that you can adjust the elevation of different parts of the bed.

You can raise your head and back or your legs, allowing you to prop yourself up on either side. This can help you get more comfortable if you want to sit up and use a laptop or watch TV, and it gives you a form of customization regarding how you sleep.

This bed can also adjust elevation in preset modes that help you in different ways. For example, if you have a tendency to snore, then you used to just have to deal with it or find weird positions to sleep in that wouldn’t contribute to your snoring.

However, with this bed, you can set it in a preset position that will help reduce your snoring, no matter what position you’re sleeping in. One absolutely great feature with this bed is the integrated massage option.

Usually, you have to go out to a masseuse or buy a separate expensive device, but with this bed, you can get a great massage lying down in the comfort of your own home. Not only does this help you relax, but it also helps improve circulation throughout your body.

There are also plenty of simple convenience features. For example, there’s the night light built in under the bed that lights up at the press of a button. If you need to use the restroom at night, this helps you avoid running into things on your way back to bed.

If you frequently charge devices like your phone next to your bed, then you can use any of the four USB outlets that can be found on either side of the bed. You can operate all of these features with a nice wireless remote that you can keep on your nightstand, with all of the features clearly outlined and lit up so that you can use it at night if you need to.

While you might have accepted the state of your current bed for many years (or decades), it’s time to upgrade your sleep quality and start benefitting from the technological advances that have been made in this area!

ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat Review

Your home’s thermostat is responsible for keeping your home warm or cool, except many thermostats don’t do that. So they’re always clicking on just to click right back off a few seconds later.

Then you have to go adjust it. The reason that your thermostat is clicking on and off is because it’s trying to find the right temperature for you, but can’t – because it can only go by what’s programmed or by you manually changing it.

The starting and stopping of your thermostat can be pretty inconvenient. When you throw in the fact that other family members are probably also adjusting the temperature, it can get pretty frustrating trying to get the thermostat to the point where the house stays at the right temperature.

To combat the inconvenience, you can buy a thermostat that allows you to insert several temperatures. But since you’re not a weatherman, you may or may not be able to balance your choices with the actual weather outside.

Or, you could get a smart thermostat that removes guesswork and does it for you. The ecobee-4 Smart Thermostat is designed with your comfort in mind. But more than saving you time and putting an end to temperature frustration, the device will also save energy, which will save you money.

You’ll notice that once you have the device, over time, you’ll save as much as 23% on your electric costs. The reason that this smart thermostat can eliminate the inconvenience as well as save you money is that you don’t have to keep trying to get the temperatures right.

The device has room sensors. All you have to do is setup the thermostat in whichever room you choose. It’ll then get to work making sure your home has the temperature you want in all of the rooms.

That’s because the device has the ability to determine how many people are in a room. At the same time, it can tell what the temperature is in that occupied room. When the sensors relay this information back to the thermostat, it automatically goes into the precise mode designed to keep you comfortable.

This sensor feature will work for the heating and cooling but it also works when no one is home. When you’re not there, the sensors will prevent the thermostat from wasting energy heating or cooling.

You can change the thermostat remotely using a smart device once you download the app. This app allows you to adjust the temperature even when you’re away from home. The gadget has Alexa built in, so you can use voice activation to alter the temperature. It has an easy installation format. It’s time to stop the inconvenience of being too hot or cold in your own home. Say goodbye to frustrating programming and get the smart thermostat that simplifies heating and cooling.

Insignia NS-24DF310NA19 Review

It sometimes seems like smart TVs cost too much. The only ones that are commonly advertised are the massive, super high-tech ones that cost a ton of money, and other than that, it feels like you’re stuck with outdated televisions.

There didn’t really seem like a good middle point for people like college students and young adults who still want the newer tech, but without the massive, expensive displays. Luckily, the Insignia NS provides a good fit just for that.

Their 24 inch display is good enough for a bedroom or smaller apartment living room, but it’s not going to break the bank like a 50 inch display will. This also makes it easier to move around.

If you’re having to move between dorms or apartments every so often, you don’t want to be trying to lug around a giant TV. This TV is portable, while still providing a great display for you and your friends.

What really puts this TV over the edge is the integration of smart technology. You can get plenty of smaller, flat screen TVs from years ago, but none quite like this. This TV integrates the use of Amazon’s Fire TV service, which grants you access to all your favorite streaming platforms and other commonly used services.

It requires you to have an account with those services, but it’s still much better than watching it on your phone. One of the best features of Fire TV is that it allows you to customize the channels that you see when you start it up.

These channels aren’t like traditional TV channels – they’re more akin to apps. There are major ones like Netflix and Hulu, but there are also more specialized ones like HBO and Showtime that you might need in order to see some of your favorite content.

You can use all kinds of other apps, as well. For example, you can use the YouTube app that comes preinstalled to watch your favorite free online content with your friends at the press of a button. You can also connect your account to services like Spotify or Pandora in order to listen to your favorite music and put on your playlists for things like parties, hangouts, or for when you’re just hanging out around the house. This TV is a great option for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank, but does want some great smart features they can enjoy, too.

Nest T3007ES Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation Review

One ongoing problem in many homes has to do with the thermostat. You have to constantly turn the heat or air up or down to find just the right temperatures that keep you comfortable.

Many thermostats have programming, but you almost have to be a genius to figure that out. The constant back and forth change on a thermostat means that it’s draining energy and raising your electric bill.

The thermostat is what’s responsible for the majority of your electrical costs, which is why you want to make sure you get one that’s the best at saving you money. You could get a basic thermostat, but that wouldn’t really solve anything because you’d still have to manually change the temperature.

You could also have a set and forget approach where you just choose a temperature and leave it alone in order to save energy and money. But then you won’t be as comfortable.

Or, you can get a smart thermostat like the Google Nest T3007ES, which has auto-schedule. You won’t need to try to figure out complicated programming. The device takes care of that for you.

It’s so smart that it pays attention to temperatures that you prefer and it’ll automatically program them after about a week of use. But you’d still have the ability to set it for more options.

Since it’s Wi-Fi capable, you can raise or lower the temperature using your smart phone, laptop or other electronic device. The thermostat will let you know when you’re at optimal energy savings.

When the temperature you’ve selected shows a Nest Leaf icon, it means you’re saving energy and lowering the cost of your electric bill. The device has something called Early-On feature.

This allows the thermostat to pay attention to your home temperature as well as the weather and it’ll adjust accordingly to get your preferred temperature. Another feature it has is the Home Away.

When you’re not home, there’s no need to waste energy so the thermometer can automatically raise or lower the setting to reflect your absence. The thermostat can work with Alexa so you can use voice activation to change the temperature.

The device has something called Farsight. When it recognizes that you’re in the room, the screen will light up for you so that you can easily read the weather, the temperature and see the time.

The app that you can download will let you see a history of energy usage as well as the reason for that use. It has quick installation and easy to follow setup steps. When you get the Google Nest T3007ES, you’ll no longer have to deal with a house that’s too hot or too cold. You can stop letting your thermostat take money out of your pocket. You can save energy and stay comfortable at the same time!


Televisions are always improving, and companies are always trying to get the edge on their competitors when it comes to making the best technology. Today, you can get some pretty crazy features on your TV, ranging from the software to the display hardware.

The new LG OLED55B8PUA Ultra HD Smart OLED TV is certainly no exception, with a wide array of improvements built into it to give you a fantastic television experience. One aspect of this TV that you’ll notice right off the bat is that it has Google Assistant preloaded into it, meaning that you’ll be able to have a hub for your smart devices right off the bat.

This also means that you’ll be able to control your TV through voice commands, without having to install some additional gadgets. Even if you’re not sure where your remote is, you can still turn it on and off, adjust the volume, change sources, and more with just your voice.

Physically, this TV is very impressive. It’s big in terms of screen size, but if you look at it from the side, it’s incredibly thin. With LG’s “ThinQ” technology, they’re able to construct a technically impressive TV without having it be bulky, meaning it’ll take up much less space than another TV would.

The display itself is also very impressive. One thing the display does very well is the use of OLED technology. This helps display black colors as more accurately black by lighting up each pixel individually.

Traditionally, an entire screen is backlit by one light, meaning that if you have a black color on screen, it really appears as a sort of dark grey, and even gives off light. With OLEDs, black pixels will turn off, meaning that they’re the most genuine black colors you can get on a TV.

Things like that might not seem significant just thinking about it, but on a display, it makes a huge difference in terms of color quality and contrast levels. Another thing this display gets right is that it uses something called high dynamic range, or HDR. This means that images of dark or very bright environments will appear much more clearly, and won’t suffer from a lack of detail in the dark or overexposure in the bright scenes. This balances everything out for a much more cohesive image, and one that is definitely better to look at.

Toshiba 43LF621U19 Review

Many TV brands have started to switch their focus from displaying cable to giving you methods of using all different kinds of streaming services. Without a smart TV, it can be a bit difficult to do this, because you’ll often need to directly connect a laptop to the TV and pull up each different streaming service manually.

With Toshiba’s 43LF621U19 new smart TV, you’ll be able to use the power of Amazon’s Fire TV to browse all of these services easily straight from the comfort of your couch. Fire TV aggregates all kinds of shows from different services, and as long as you have accounts registered with them and you’re logged in, you’ll be able to watch them instantly.

It can give you a catalogue containing shows from different services at the same time, meaning you don’t have to switch between different ones over and over again to try to find a show to watch.

In the event that you lose your remote, which happens to be a pretty common occurrence with TVs, you can still use the built-in Alexa voice control to navigate your TV.

Using simple voice commands, you can completely control the TV and the different services. This can also make it more convenient to search for shows, because typing it in using a remote can sometimes be a little time consuming.

The fact that Alexa is built into this TV means that you can actually do much, much more than just use it for watching entertainment. Any Alexa-enabled smart devices around your house can connect to the TV as a hub, and you’ll be able to use those same voice commands to control all kinds of devices around your house.

You can use it to turn the A/C on while sitting on the couch so that you don’t have to get up and go do it manually, for example. Given that your TV will always be connected to WiFi, it can do something that many other TVs can’t, which is downloading updates. If a new service comes out, your TV can update to include it as a new app, meaning you’ll always be up to date on the best services that have the shows and movies that you want to watch. This also helps with security, because it can get updates that make your connection more secure from the outside world.

TCL 40S325 Review

As time goes on, there are more and more ways to enjoy shows and other forms of entertainment. Lately, one of the biggest developments has been the switch to streaming content instead of getting it over cable networks.

Services like Netflix and Hulu have taken off lately, and TVs have adapted to conform to these new changes. The TCL 40S325 Smart Roku TV is a great example of this, providing tons of ways for you to enjoy your entertainment however you want, while also giving you great resolution in a high quality LED display.

The main selling point of this TV is the Roku integration. Roku is a service that allows you to quickly access and navigate Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and more – straight through your TV, allowing you to watch your favorite shows on a big screen instead of on a laptop or a phone.

This allows the TV to use tons of different features that can really enhance your entertainment experience. Roku allows you to view content from any major streaming service at the press of a button.

You need to have accounts with these services in order to view them, but once you have them, accessing it is extremely quick and efficient. You can have preset buttons to launch your preferred streaming services by pressing it just once, bringing you straight into that service’s catalogue, making it incredibly fast to navigate between different services.

There are plenty of other apps that you can use with Roku as well. For example, you can use apps like Pandora, Spotify, Prime Music, and more to listen to music and have it playing as background noise while you’re doing other regular things around your house.

It also allows you to use apps like ESPN or FOX Sports in order to keep up with your favorite sports content. One interesting feature of this TV is the alternative remote. It’s not uncommon at all for you to lose the remote, but luckily, that’s not really a problem with the Roku TV. You can actually use your smartphone as a remote in order to browse, launch apps, adjust volume, search, and more. One of the best features with this function is the ability to connect headphones to your phone and hear the audio from the TV, so that you can have a show playing without disturbing other people who might be in the room.