Best Christmas Gifts for Boys & Girls 2018 to 2019

The Coolest Christmas Gifts for Kids: Be It Guys or Girls

We found the best Christmas gifts for kids 2018-2019. Christmas gifts have been compiled by a team of experts who know gifts and know kids.

#1 Anki Vector Robot

Anki Vector Robot

Behold the future! Not only will this amazing gift help out. It will be a companion who learns. All of us who have kids know how cumbersome all the little things we have to do for them. Well, most of us only have one or two kids. This means that not only are we their caregivers, we are their playmate. We live in a world where robots are becoming a part of life. A few decades ago, we lived in a world full of cumbersome tasks that took away any chance of free time. That world is no longer. We get to actually live in a world where we can spend time as a family while the robots do all the pesky work. With the Anki Vector Robot, this robot will answer all their questions and help you help them.

#2 Born To Unicorn Blanket

Mermaid blankets beware! There’s a new snuggle-up blanky around. This one comes in unicorn. Yes, we live in a world with all kinds of commodities. By the time your tike attends high school, they likely will have their own personal drone to help them lift their backpack. No matter our future, kids will always need snuggles. With the Born To Unicorn Blanket, kids can get warm and run their fingers around the knitted tendrils of this beautiful blanket. Shaped like a unicorn, with a special horse head, your tikes will get to play pretend and get warm. They will be able to do it without your snuggles. Yes, parent snuggles are important.

#3 Tamagotchi Electronic Game

Kids learn through play. They learn to be responsible caregivers by playing games. The Tamagotchi first showed up in 1997 and the kids of the late ‘90s loved it. This new version does not disappoint. This updated version of the ‘90s toy phenomenon has all the same features that boys and girls loved, but with this one, they get the same programming, but with a 2018 vibe. Kids these days get the same Tamagotchi that kids of the ‘90s cherished. They get to raise their Tamagotchi from an egg and then get to pick which adult they will get. Kids really are savings and loan and you get what you put in. The same goes for the Tamagotchi. Kids learning how to be parents will get to use this device to see their caregiving skills. If they fail, they still have plenty of time to learn.

#4 Kanoodle Head-to-Head Brain Game

Not only will your kids love this game, it will teach them much-needed critical thinking skills. Artificial Intelligence will try to take over. The kids of the future will need to use critical thinking to keep the robots from taking over. They will learn problem solving while playing this game.   

#5 Sequin Pets Sparkles The Unicorn

This plush toy will give your little creator hours of fun. They will get to use the reusable stickers to color this stuffed unicorn. Not only will they get the softness of a stuffed animal, they will get to use their brain to make their unicorn really shine. This toy comes with more than 40 years of toy expertise. They know how to make toys shine and safe.

#6 Hand Operated Mini Toy Drone for Kids

Think of it as a starter drone. If your kids don’t already steer drones, they will soon. With this drone, kids don’t need a remote and the magnificent cage protects the drown machine from falls. Life is about how well you get back up after you fall. This drone does fall and gets back up again. This is the starter drown you get before you get them the real one.

#7 TOP Gift Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

Your little explorer will love unwrapping these binoculars. The colors they come in are clever and are designed to be handled by a kid learning how to take care of things. The best thing about these binocular is they are designed just for kids, while they see the world for the first time and are just getting a handle on things.

#8 L.O.L. Surprise! House with 85+ Surprises

Kids love playing with doll houses. Well, doll houses teach kids about life. They teach them social skills. This fun-filled house comes with a pet and a family. The lights and sounds that come from this house, are just a part of the electronic amazingness. This multi-story house comes with a working elevator.

#9 Connect 4 Shots Game

We all remember the classic game that we all used to love to play for hours. This is the same concept but with an electronic twist. Plus, you get to throw the ball! The grid is collapsible and the rubber balls that come in the game are fun to throw. Get four in a row and you win!

#10 COZY CULTURE Teepee Tent

Kids like to have their own space to play. Insert the awesomeness of tents here. The problem is that there are so many tents that are made from poor quality, that by the time you get it together and get it up it has a tear in it. Not with the Cozy Culture Teepee Tent. Only the finest materials went into this tent.

#11 i-Poster My World Interactive Map

With this map, kids can ask it questions and get the interaction they need to process what the world really is made up of. While the songs of the Animaniacs have this way to really teach geography, kids these days don’t have the trio. They have robots and the interaction of these robots can and do teach.

#12 Elmer’s Glow-in-The-Dark Slime Kit

Kids love slime. It’s human nature. With this interactive kit, kids can get their hands covered with really cool glow-in-the-dark goo. They’ll love playing with the messy goods.

#13 Oonies Season 3 Oober Starter Pack

The Shopkins have some really cool toys out there. With this starter pack you can get a glimpse at the wonderful characters that make up these cool toys. Your kids won’t get over these cool toys quickly. They are a wonderful gift idea for Christmas.

#14 Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle

There’s more to life than just looking like Barbie. Knowing the magnificent art of caregiving is in a way more important than being pretty. With this toy, you get the pretty and the inside pretty. That’s because this toy is more than just a superficial cruiser.

#15 Klutz Lego Gadgets

There’s Legos and then there’s Lego Gadgets. Put this gift together and watch the wheels turn in your child’s imagination and on the Lego table.

#16 Allek Kick Scooter

This scooter comes with intelligent steering. Your kid will learn how to use this without all the pesky concentration and time it takes to remove training wheels.

#17 Harry Potter Golden Snitch Heliball

Not only does this gift fly. It will transport you into the world of J.K. Rowling.

#18 Sorbus Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook

Nothing in life beats having a chair that your child can fit in his or her own little corner.

#19 SmartLab Toys Archi-Tech Electronic Smart House

In the future, homes will have all new innovated gadgets that bring convenience. This playhouse brings that world inside your home.

#20 TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

Your child will love to make his or her hover board dance to the beats it emanates.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. These are this year’s top gifts for girls and boys for Christmas.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers 2021 – At your job, you’ll have coworkers that you’re close to and some that you may not know all that well. Any coworker will appreciate receiving sticky notes in a decorative box. You can get these in a nice leather holder or you can get them in a pop up dispenser. You can them with cute decorations like animals or purses and you can get the ones that are specific for the job, such as sticky notes geared toward teachers.

Funny Office Gifts

Coffee gift cards are always appreciated. Your coworker can stop on the way to work for a latte, Frappachino, or even a special tea and head out to start a relaxing weekend by picking up a cup to go.

Coffee mugs, both ceramic and travel ones, make great and inexpensive gifts to give at the office. If you have coworkers who brown bag it, giving them an insulated lunch bag to keep their lunches cool or hot and always fresh is thoughtful. You can get these bags in plain colors, whimsical animals and even designer brand styles.

Mr Pen- Desk Toys, Magnetic Desk Toy, Paperweight

Weather is never a sure thing when you’re at work, and an umbrella would sure come in handy on those rainy days. Umbrellas are the perfect gift for either men or women and you can pick out conservative ones or ones with funny decorations.

Paperweights for a desk come in all sizes and shapes. Some are serious with motivational quotes or words while others are conversation pieces like insects or tools. Also for the desk, there are handy desktop organizers for coworkers.

Dammit Doll Classic

Desk gadgets that people play with, like cube puzzles, mini hockey or desktop golf provide both entertainment and stress relief. Hand exercise balls or stress balls for the desktop help relieve boredom on a slow day.

If you know what kind of cell phone your coworker has, you can pick up a nice cell phone cover for him or her. Mini docking stations for music players are thoughtful gifts, as are warm slippers a coworker can slip into while working if it’s allowed.

RockDove Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

A movie gift card will give your coworkers a fun evening out – and since they’re relatively inexpensive, you can give these in batches to several coworkers. They make great gifts – especially for the coworker who’s hard to buy for.

Draizee Spa Home Relaxation Fragrance Bag

Spa baskets make great gifts, but you can also buy individual items in bulk and make up several baskets (or stockings). Put in lotions, bubble bath, soaps, facial scrubs, hand towels and boxes of luxurious chocolate to top off the gift.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors 2021 – There are some great gifts that you can give your neighbors that will thrill people no matter what their taste in gifts is. When it’s time for the holidays, many of your neighbors will go all out for the season, decorating both the inside and outside of their homes.

For neighbors like that, picking out an ornament that they’ll love will make a great Christmas gift. For general ornaments, you can choose from musical instruments, elegant crystals, angels, Santa or snowmen figurines, cute penguins, reindeer and more.

Primitives by Kathy PBK LOL Kitchen Towel

But there are specialized ornaments that you can get for your neighbor, too – for instance, if you know which sports team they root for, then you can get an ornament based on that. If they’ve served or have a loved on serving in the military, then a military ornament would be a nice way of saying you wish them a Merry Christmas.

If you live in an area where cars get snowed in and windshields get iced over, an ice scraper is a thoughtful gift and so that their hand will stay warm, you can get this gift contained in a hand mitt.

Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body Large Scented Candle

With the holidays, the best scented jar candles always come out on display. Pick up a few jars of this in heavenly Christmas scents like pine tree or cinnamon-sugar or apple pie. Many of these candles will come in a decorative mug so that it looks beautiful at the same time it’s filling the home with a warm scent. These jar candles also come in fresh scents like lavender or vanilla, too.

Classic Christmas movies are something that everyone who lives in your neighbor’s house would love to watch. Coffee mug kits with hot cocoa or specialty tea blends are a great idea and so is a kit to make S’Mores.

Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat

Recipe books make great holiday gifts and you can find some recipe cookbooks that focus solely on delicious Christmas meals and treats. You might even put it in a little basket with paste and sauce to complete the gift.

What’s That Smell? The Party Game That Stinks for Adults & Families

Card or board games are a great idea for neighbors – and they can share the fun with your family or their own family members. Garden plaques and lawn ornaments are gifts that some neighbors like. From cute woodland animals to mischievous gnomes, you can find something that each neighbor will love based on items you already see in their yard that you know they collect.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers 2022

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers 2021 – Teachers are important people in your child’s life, and you want to give a gift they’ll love. You can do that by picking from some of the fabulous choices listed here. You can give some nice, but affordable jewelry when you give a teacher bracelet. These bracelets have various words on them and come in colorful charms, jewels or beads.

Teacher Bangle Bracelet-Teacher Gift

Other jewelry gifts you can get are angel teacher pins for a sweater or shirt or teacher necklaces. You can get necklaces that range from the simple to expensive diamond apple ones. Charm bracelets with teacher related charms are high on the top gifts list this year.

CENWA Red Apple Brooch Pin Super Teacher

A pencil vase or planter make super cute gifts that will brighten up any classroom or add a touch of brightness to any home decor. If you know they like to preserve their memories of the year, then journals make nice gifts for a teacher as do pen sets.

Teacher 12 oz Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are perfect for teachers and since there are so many different styles, you can find one that’s suited for each teacher your child has. There are the chalkboard and apple design mugs as well as inspirational or funny sayings.

If you’re looking for something warm to give a teacher, choose from mittens, gloves or warm scarves. Throw blankets are nice gifts, along with books or gift certificates to their favorite bookstores.

MARATHON CL030054WH Atomic Desk Clock

Wall clocks depicting something a teacher might do, such as teach math, are popular gifts for teachers as are desk clocks and decorative desk lamps. Teacher keychains make nice gifts and some have mini chalkboards that are just precious.

Blue Blessings to the Teacher Big Heart Keyring

Decorative teacher pails that you can give as is or filled with homemade baked treats will surely bring a smile to your child’s teacher. You can also fill the pail with little toys that the teacher can hand out to pupils whenever they do something good in her class.

Teacher Peach Commuter Tote Bag

Tote bags for carrying all of the items teachers have to carry between home and school will help keep everything in one place for them. Music CDs by their favorite artists or instrumental CDs make great gifts.

Since teachers are always so busy, cookie mixes in jars or gift boxes can give them the gift of homemade cookies without all of the extra time it takes to make them. Spa baskets and spa gift cards make gifts that will give teacher a Christmas of pampering.

Draizee Spa Home Relaxation Fragrance Bag

One of the best gifts you can give a teacher is a gift certificate to her favorite teacher supply store. She can shop at places like Mardels and find classroom supplies so that they don’t have to come out of her personal pocketbook.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 2022

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 2021 – Giving your kids a family present where everyone can join in and have fun is a holiday idea that will give plenty of laughs. There’s one avenue that you just can’t go wrong taking when buying a gift for all the kids and that’s a video game console.

Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle

But you don’t want to get the ones where there’s only a couple of controls so that only two can play at a time. You want something where everyone can join in at once. There’s the Kinect – a console that comes with sensor technology and can sense the movements of the players.

So you can the whole family in on kicking the ball or jamming out while playing gaming musical instruments. You can explore together as a family and climb to the mountain or go below the water to check out the sights.

Nintendo Switch

Video games using group movement like dance jams are great gifts for kids and you can find video games for every type of gaming console, like Wii. If you already have some dance video games, you can go with the dance pad option.

16FT Trampoline for Kids

Another gift that would suit all of the kids is a trampoline. You can get the large ones that go outside and have the safety surround or you can get one of the mini two-person ones that are lower to the ground if you have younger children. There’s also one that’s for use as either an indoor or an outdoor trampoline and everything is safely enclosed, including the springs.

Mini Tabletop Pool Set

Other inside fun things you can get for your kids are games that require some physical action. Air hockey tables are still a big hit among kids as are pool tables and ping-pong tables. For games that they can play outside, you can pick up a badminton or volleyball set that has everything you need to get started on a game.

Engineering Building Blocks Set Toys for Boys and Girls

A quiet activity that many kids like to do is to work a puzzle together. You can get these in various age levels and even cool 3D ones that when they’re finished, can be glued and framed to make cool artwork for a kid’s room.


Getting board games for kids to share is a good idea, too and you can find ones that can be played interactively using the television as well. Go with classic or trendy games, like The Settlers of Catan.

Playing a sport together is a great idea when you want to get a family gift for your kids. You can invest in a basketball set for the driveway or baseball or golf equipment where the batter or swinger hits into a net for practice.

ESPN 2 Player EZ-Fold Arcade Basketball Game with LED Scoring

Gift cards where all of the kids can share an adventure at a theme park or take in a movie are good ideas, too. You can get gift cards to local theme parks or splurge on a family vacation to somewhere like Disney World.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Sewing, Knitting and Quilting 2021

Sewing, knitting and quilting are all growing in their popularity among younger individuals who are picking these crafts up as a favorite hobby!

There are some wonderful staples you can always buy someone who takes part in this kind of activity:

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

Gift #1: Sewing machines or needles that can knit and quilt with are wonderful gifts. You can get inexpensive items or top of the line ones, depending on who is on your gift list.

Luxbon Sewing Threads Kits 39 Colors Rainbow Polyester Sewing Thread Box Kit Set

Gift #2: You can never have too much fabric and thread if you’re into knitting, sewing and quilting. Make sure you give an ample amount of this to your favorite craft enthusiast.

Honey-Can-Do CRT-01683 12 Drawer Chrome Studio Organizer Cart

Gift #3: Organization and storage gifts are great ideas, too. It can get pretty messy if you have lots of threads, needles, and materials lying around all over the room.

Large Sewing Kit, 206 Pcs Premium Sewing Supplies

Gift #4: You can get little kits for the beginner crafty people in your life. Or, if you know someone already has a lot of stuff for their craft, get them a kit of extras, like extra crochet hooks or hand needles.

One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects

Gift #5: Subscriptions to magazines about their craft are a good gift idea! This way they’ll always have a bevy of great ideas, month after month!

The 2021 Christmas Gift Guide is a neat read that helps you pinpoint the right kinds of gifts for all of your friends and family this holiday season – be sure to pick it up!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Runners 2021

Runners are a special group of athletes. They push themselves to achieve new goals and get their body to the next level of fitness.

There are tons of runner’s gifts you can buy online that are perfect for the runner in your life.

Running shoes

Gift #1: Running shoes are a common sense gift for runners. They don’t go through shoes like the rest of us – their shoes take a real beating, so they have to have a big budget for their footwear.

MP3 players and iPod

Gift #2:  MP3 players and iPod are popular with runners. They like to put in some tunes using a nice pair of ear buds that work well with running and hit the pavement.

Running Clothing

Gift #3: Clothing is a nice gift for a runner. Whether it’s hot or cold weather apparel, your runner will like extra socks, leggings, and t-shirts that wick sweat away from their body.

Sports Watches and Heart Monitors

Gift #4: Sports watches and heart monitors are great gadgets for your favorite runner to have on hand when they go on a run.

Pedometers and Activity Trackers

Gift #5: Pedometers and Activity Trackers give them an accurate count of how far they’ve gone – and it allows them to keep track of the goals they’re keeping for themselves.

You might want to grab the 2021 Christmas Gift Guide to help you navigate your shopping season this year! It has ideas in it for everyone on your gift list.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers 2021

Do you have a wine connoisseur in your life? Someone like this is often called an oenophilist  and you can get them gifts that other casual wine drinkers may not treasure.

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses for Red or White Wine

Gift #1: Personalized wine glasses are a very nice gift. You can get them engraved with initials or Something more.

Danby DWC036A1BSSDB-6 3.6 Cu.Ft Cooler

Gift #2: If someone you know and love well is into wine, consider a larger gift – like a wine refrigerator.  That way, they can store all of their bottles and have them chilled and ready to go!

Wine openers

Gift #3: Wine openers vary in size and expense. Some wine drinkers just have a hand held gadget, but you can get really fancy with something that’s more automated.

Decanter and aerator gift

Gift #4: Decanter and aerator gift sets are always a welcomed addition to a win lover’s bar. You can get a simple, plain set or something very chic and elegant.

Picnic Time Verona Insulated Wine Basket

Gift #5: Wine and cheese gift baskets are great – and you can even order the wine of the month deliveries or around the world wine picks for your special gift recipient.

Use a 2021 Christmas Gift Guide to assist you in choosing the right presents for your loved ones, friends, and co-workers. That way, you can’t go wrong!