Smart Kitchen Gadgets for Cooks

With technology innovations, cooking has become easier for chefs than it was in past days. Many gadgets not only make cooking faster but also make the food more delicious.

In this article, we have come up with five smart gadgets for simpler cooking. Some of them have been around for a while, and others are relatively new. But all of them will help cooks become more innovative in the kitchen.

Smart Air Fryer

Smart air fryers are a must-have kitchen gadget. Just as the name implies, they work by circulating hot air from the inbuilt heating elements. They usually come with fans to make the air circulation even. The hot air will dry up foods placed inside the fryer leaving their surface brown and crisp.

Although smart air fryers offer quick frying and cooking, they are not a direct substitute for conventional frying methods. For foods that contain fats, they offer about 70 percent less frying than deep frying. However, they could be ideal for health benefits, especially with foods like fish.

Deep frying a fish can sap away the important nutrients, but the way an air fryer works, only the outside of the fish will be brown. The inside will be moist and contain your nutrients. What’s more? They make food more delicious.

What are the Benefits of Using Smart Air Fryers?

  • They produce healthier food options.
  • They are a fast and efficient cooking method.
  • They allow kitchen versatility. Smart fryers can cook, fry, steam, heat, roast, etc.
  • They are compact and will save enough space in the kitchen. You can just pack and store them when you are done using them.
  • They are straightforward to use. Just preset the temperature and time.

Smart Pressure Cooker

Gone are those days when chefs have to leave the kitchen because a pressure cooker is on the stove. With the invention of smart pressure cookers, the risk involved in pressure cooking has been eradicated.

Smart pressure cookers have incorporated features that excessive pressure build-up. Their handles will also remain locked until they emit the whole pressure. One significant development from the conventional pressure cookers is the lack of emanation of different sounds when cooking.

Smart pressure cookers are also lightweight enough for everyday kitchen use. Yet, they are still able to remain sturdy and control pressure. There are various sizes of smart pressure cookers based on preserving food and the quantity of food they can take.

What are the Benefits of using Smart Pressure Cookers?

  • They retain food nutrients and keep it tasty.
  • They are an economical option and save energy costs at home.
  • They save time in preparing a meal.
  • They reduce heat emissions in kitchens and keep them cool.
  • They are easy to use and clean.
  • They are another kitchen gadget that can be used for food preservation.

Smart Thermal Immersion Circulator

Smart Thermal Immersion Circulator is one of the latest kitchen gadgets that will help you cook like a professional chef. Conventional cooking results in about 20% moisture loss for marinated food, but with Smart Thermal Immersion Circulator, this figure will reduce to about 8%. The lesser the moisture loss, the more tender and delicious the food will be.

Aside from keeping the moisture down, a Smart Thermal Immersion Circulator will help you maintain the nutrients and flavor in your food. The body will then be able to absorb the nutrient better than conventional cooking methods. They usually come with a mobile app for seamless operation.

To use, first install the device by the side of your water-filled pot. Then set time and temperature via the app or manually with a remote. The next step is placing your marinated food into a bag. When the water temperature is set, put the marinated food inside and reset your device before you begin to cook.

After cooking, you can either add your ingredients to a barbecue or microwave.

NB: Make sure you release the air from the bag before you cook your marinated food.

What are the Benefits of Smart Thermal Immersion Circulators?

  • They heat up very fast and make cooking easier.
  • They are easy to use with an app and remote control.
  • They offer heating and cooking efficiency with 360 degrees circulation operation.

Smart Meat Thermometer

It does not matter if you are a grill master or just someone who loves the barbecue for fun; you need a smart meat thermometer. It makes grilling easier and fun since you do not have to be by the griller side all through the process.

Smart meat thermometers are wireless devices that allow you to play around or attend to other tasks while grilling without bothering about overcooking. All you have to do is preset to the adequate temperature and wait for your meat to cook. Most of them come with mobile apps, so you can regulate the temperature on your phone and get a notification when your meat is ready.

With this kitchen gadget, you do not have to wait under the sun while grilling. Just go to the living room and enjoy a beer till your meat is done. Some meat thermometers are also programmed for various meats’ best cooking temperatures, making you grill without hassle.

What are the Benefits of Smart Meat Thermometers?

  • They allow the meat to grill to a perfect temperature and eliminate any guesswork.
  • They prevent meat overcooking.
  • They ensure that meat steaks are cooked to perfection.
  • They are used to assess the edibility of meat by checking its temperature.
  • They help in reheating food to an adequate temperature.

Electric Peeler

Foodstuffs like potato, vegetables, and garlic need adequate peeling before use. But peeling with a knife is too stressful and not a safe option for cooks when they have many items to work on. An electric peeler is designed for situations like this. They make peeling very easy.

While there are many specific peelers like garlic peelers and potato peelers, an electric peeler can work for a wide range of food items.

To use an electric peeler, all you have to do is put the foodstuff you want to peel inside and plug the device. When it is done peeling off the skin, you can then unplug and remove your already peeled item.

They are time-saving, and the peeling will be done in just a matter of minutes. They are ideal for home uses, restaurants, and places where mass production occurs.

What are the Benefits of Electric Peelers?

  • They are a safe option because they prevent injuries that might occur from excessively peeling with a knife.
  • They are very effective and save time in cooking.
  • They offer a clean peeling option.
  • They are automatic machines and easy to operate.
  • They provide a dry peeling process.