CHRISTMAS – Indoor Decorations For Christmas

Decorating the inside of your home for the Christmas season doesn’t have to be a chore. As long as you are organised, you should be able to carry out this task in a single afternoon. You could even make it a fun group activity for all the family to enjoy.

Line Up the Christmas Stockings

Sunnyglade 3PCS 18″ Christmas Stocking

One of the highlights of your Christmas decor has got to be the Christmas stockings. You can choose to buy a colourful set or you can make your own. You may already have a set that you have used for years. Well if this is the case it is time to get them out of storage and hang them out on display. The most common place to hang them is from the mantelpiece surrounding the fireplace.

Get The Perfect Christmas Tree

The centrepiece of any Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. You can choose to use a real life tree or you can invest in a good quality artificial tree which you can then use year after year. A lovely collection of accessories for the tree will include colourful baubles and figurines to hang from the branches. Children will love deciding where to place the baubles. A great idea is to actually buy a special trinket with your child’s initials or something that resembles their favourite cartoon character. Then create a lovely piece of theatre by getting them to place their very first ornament on the tree. Add some streamers, tinsel and a large star or angel on the very top and your tree is complete.

Decorate With Lights

If you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere you need to get the lighting just right. This can be achieved with a combination of string lights, candles and an assortment of lanterns.

The string of lights can be draped around the Christmas tree or you can frame your windows so that they twinkle when the sun goes down.

Candles can completely transform a space. You can buy large church size candles and display them in groups of three. If you have small children or pets and you are worried about the naked flame, you can also buy a set of flameless candles that are battery operated. These will produce a flame like light without you having to worry about the danger of the flame or the possibility of burns from the hot melting wax.

Display Your Christmas Cards

When you start to receive Christmas cards you will want to put them out on display. You can place them on table tops and sideboards. Once you have run out of space you will need an alternative way to show them off. One great way to produce a pretty effect is to take a long strip of ribbon, attach the cards with some glue and then hang the end of the ribbon from the side of your fire place or hang it on your wall.

Sorting out your Christmas decorations is a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Get the whole family involved and you can have a fun afternoon making your home look picture perfect.