9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Doggy

Here is a list of gifts you can get for those lovely cotton balls. There can be no one better to please than a dog. They get jumpy even for a wrapping paper 😉 Only during those cold bath and the face of his Vet will turn him off 🙂

I hope this list will give you an idea to help you get a perfect gift for those lovely companions.

1. Rogz Grinz Ball

Rogz Fun Dog Treat Ball

This can help your dog put on his best smile for a perfect picture or to greet new guests in your house. It will be fun for everyone and the dogs love to show-off their new smile to everyone.

2. Pet Umbrella

This is almost a must to have for any dog lovers. To keep him/her off the elements. You don’t want him to come home wet and take on the couch to dry himself, instead move him around in style. Sure to see other dogs envy this new kid in the block with a cool kit.

3. Dog water fountain

Dogs needs to be hydrated. They need water to maintain their body temperature and also to keep the system running. You may never know when he wants his drink and to leave it open is not a thing to do. The Dog water fountain can be a good solution here. Get him trained to use it and the big guy can take care of him by himself.

4. Elevated bowls

These are a good behavioral kit for any any dog. This will help them with their food aggression as they cannot mark their presence on top of the food. Leave it filled when it is time and you will see it empty in a few seconds.

5. Feeding bottle

lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

This is a must to have if you are planning outdoors with your dog. This will put him in reach of a water hole when he wants.

6. Dog house

A dog feels secure in a closed enclosure. A Dog house is a perfect gift for both an indoor breed or a outdoor breed. He will feel secure and will take his time in his place when he wants.

7. Dog chair

Dog chair can be a good furniture to add on to your family to give him his space when he needs during those all important discussion or when he wants to gaze outside the window.

8. Dog tie collar

This is a fashion statement. Make him look like a gentleman all suited up with a tie collar. Put them on and bring out the personality in him.

9. Dog vehicle restraint zip-line

This is a must to have him secure back there. Will let him move around from side to side but restrain him from leaping our or to reach out to the front.

I hope you liked this list. Share this link so that this may help others who are looking for new ideas.