Wsdcam Door and Window Alarm Review

These days, it’s important to ensure that every possible entrance to your house is secure. Criminals are always finding new ways of getting into places undetected by cameras, so your last true line of defense is the doors or windows themselves.

Big security systems can be expensive, so a much more reasonable option for arming these entrances with alarms would be the Wsdcam door and window alarms. Instead of paying huge costs to get a security system installed, these alarms allow you to set them up at the doors and windows where you need them, and each one will trigger its own self-contained alarm.

These help you not only to deter any burglary attempts, but they can also help you know if a child or pet as managed to sneak out of the house so that they don’t go getting lost or in trouble.

These alarms can go all the way up to 110 decibels, which is roughly equivalent to someone using a loud power tool such as a chainsaw or a jackhammer. You’ll definitely be able to hear it no matter where you are in the house, and for the potential intruder who tripped it, it’ll be extremely loud, and they’ll likely be driven off just from the shock of the loud sound alone.

Wsdcam Door and Window Alarm for Home

The way these alarms work is that you set up two parts – one is the main unit with the speaker, and the other is a slightly magnetic brick. You put them on opposite sides of the crease in the door where it opens, and when it’s opened, it will cut the magnetic connection between the two and the alarm will sound.

You can set this up however you please -on a window, door, hatch, etc. Once they’re set up, there are four modes that you can set the alarm to depending on how much noise you want it to make.

There’s a standard alarm setting, in which it will trip the loud noise, but can then be turned off immediately. Then, there’s the long alarm setting, which cannot be turned off until a certain amount of time has passed while it’s going off. There’s a time delay mode that can help remind you to shut a door if it’s been left open, which can help you protect yourself even further. Finally, there’s the simple doorbell mode, which makes an innocent chime when someone trips it.

Emerson Sensi ST55 Review

It’s not easy juggling the thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature level because the amount of humidity can affect how a regular thermostat reacts. It doesn’t control the humidity so by the time that you realize you’re too hot or too cold in your home, your heating or cooling system has already disrupted your comfort and wasted energy.

When the temperature isn’t right, it affects the amount you spend on energy usage trying to make it right. You need a way to combat how the humidity affects the temperature settings in your home.

You can buy a humidity thermometer. You can also get a thermostat that will give you a humidity reading. Or, you could get a smart thermostat that can regulate your home’s temperature, adjust for humidity and lower your energy usage.

The Emerson Sensi ST55 Smart Thermostat can take care of all your cooling and heating needs quickly and efficiently. It has a wide touchscreen that will respond to a light tap, or, you can use the voice control command.

This feature is compatible to use with Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa. You can use the touchscreen to create your customized settings. But you can also create your settings by using the app on your phone once you set that up.

One of the features it has is the week-long scheduling ability. You can make your schedule for a week at a time. This way, you can adjust it for work schedules, school schedules or for those time when you’re not going to be at home so that the system saves you energy as well as money.

If you choose not to use the week-long schedule feature, you can choose to use the day at a time feature or you can use a weekend timing schedule. It uses a cycle performance.

This feature is what gives a few degrees of leeway in between what you set and when the thermostat tells your unit to switch on or off. If you set your system to heat your home when it reaches 65 degrees outside, it won’t come on until it reaches 63 because your cycle performance is different than your chosen temperature.

You’ll find that with most thermostats. You’ll choose the rate at which you want this cycle to kick in. It gives you the options of choosing between a fast, medium or slow cycle.

The fast cycle is the most responsive and the slow cycle saves more energy. There’s an early start mode with the thermostat. You can set this to turn on the air or the heat so that even if you have a set temperature, the device will turn on just for your specific start time so that you’re more comfortable. You won’t have to deal with a hot or cold house first thing in the morning. To prevent others from changing the settings, you can engage the lockout mode. When this is engaged, no one can change the temperature on the actual thermostat. You would have to use the app.

Driveway Informer Wireless Driveway Alarm Review

Whether it’sat home or at your business, having security is one of the most important things you can possibly have. These days, people are constantly trying to find ways to sneak into houses and offices and steal valuables, but luckily tech companies are fighting back against that.

The Driveway Informer Wireless Driveway Alarm is a great option if you’re trying to keep unwanted visitors off of your property, alerting you when something is moving within the device’s sight.

The setup is fairly simply. You set up the green camera portion somewhere where it’s not very obvious, so nobody tries to avoid the camera. You want to make sure it’s pointed in the direction of the area where you want to have the most security.

Inside, you’ll set up the receiver, which can just be plugged into a wall. When something moves in front of the outside sensor, it’ll trip a quick alarm inside that will let you know someone or something is out there.

While this could be used at home to watch your front lawn and protect against intruders, it’s also very useful for any business owners. You can have multiple cameras set up so that you can detect activity out front as well as out back.

If you were to have problems with people sneaking in through the back entrance or hanging out behind your building, this would alert you to them so that you can go get them away.

It doesn’t only have applications in protection, though. Businesses can also use this for simple alerts for things like packages arriving from trucks or shipments coming in, so they know when to go out and sign for it.

This helps speed up the process of getting the inventory you need delivered. One of the best parts about this system is its durability. If you’re going to be leaving cameras or sensors outside exposed to the elements, you want to make sure they’re secure.

If you buy cheap products, you might end up seeing your devices succumb to the rain, heat, or cold, and you would be left without your first line of protection. By constructing their sensors out of high quality materials, you can be sure that this product is going to be able to hold up through anything. They’ll last longer than other products on the market, leaving you less worried about them and more focused on the tasks that you need to do at home or in your place of business.

Canary All In One Security System Review

One of the common downsides to smart home security is the need for multiple devices that have to all be connected to a hub. Sometimes you wish that there was just one device that could do it all, without you having to worry about powering all these different devices.

The new Canary wireless security system is about as close as you can come to that dream becoming a reality today. The Canary takes a bunch of different important features and bundles them all together into one sleek looking device that you can keep in the most important parts of the house.

It helps you keep your home secure in multiple ways, and all it requires is one power source and one app to view the different features from. In this case, it’s the simplest, but one of the most effective forms of home security.

One of the main features of the Canary All In One is a powerful security camera. This camera streams 24/7 live footage of your house in amazingly clear 1080p footage. It utilizes a wide-angle lens in order to capture as much in one frame as possible, increasing your chances of catching something on camera that you would want to know about.

It records this video to the cloud, where you can access it for evidence if needed. There are other parts of the Canary that are very helpful, though. For example, it has an advanced sensor that tells you things about the room that you can’t tell at first glance.

It monitors the temperature, air quality, and humidity in the room, helping you get a better understanding of what the air you’re breathing is like. It gives you a notification when it notices a fluctuation.

Letting you know that the temperature is abnormally high can give you advanced notice that there might be a fire, or a door might’ve been left open. One of the most interesting parts about this device is that it has something many other security cameras don’t – a built-in alarm.

Coming in at 90 decibels, this alarm makes a huge racket, sure to wake somebody up and sure to drive away any unwanted guests. You can sound it manually, which is much better than trying to yell at someone through two-way audio. Finally, this product allows you to actually contact emergency services straight through the app. You can get fire departments, police, and even EMS all on the scene quickly and efficiently by going straight through the app and informing them of the location and situation at your house.

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera Review

Having consistent and reliable footage of the inside of your house can help you act fast in situations that would otherwise turn bad very quickly. Knowing the status of your house at all times helps prevent things like burglaries from going too far, and even if they succeed, you should be able to have some great incriminating evidence against them.

Amazon’s Cloud Cam offers all of this and more in a convenient, easy to use package. One aspect of the Amazon Cloud Cam that attracts many consumers is the simplicity in setting it up.

It requires very little time to get it up and running. You just need to point it in the right direction, plug it in, and connect it to an Amazon account. From there, you can do all of the things you want it to do, whether it’s from your phone or from your computer.

At the base level, this device will record up to 24 hours of footage in the cloud, replacing old footage as needed to make more space. If there’s an important clip that you need, you can download it to have it permanently saved on your computer.

This would be something like catching the burglar in action, keeping it so that it can later be used in court as evidence. The basic package also includes things like motion-sensitive alerts to let you know when it detects something, and it can be live streamed from your account at any time.

However, you can upgrade your subscription in order to gain access to more premium features. As you upgrade it, you’ll be able to hold more footage, connect more cameras, and so on.

Some of the premium features are definitely worth the cost. For example, you can have human detection set up so that it will alert you for detecting a human figure instead of something like a dog running around.

One of the most amazing premium features comes in the form of advanced audio alerts. It gives you a detailed alert regarding what it heard, so that you know what’s going on at that time. It could be anything from a dog barking to a crying baby and just about anything in between, even including breaking glass. This is so incredibly useful because you’ll know if it’s something you need to respond to right away or if it’s just a noise that happens to be occurring.

Ring Video Doorbell Review

Like many others, you might find yourself worried about your home security. You might want to know if people are trespassing on your property, passing by your front door, who they are, and what they look like.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t normally be possible if you’re not constantly watching though a window or something, at least until Ring doorbells came around. The Ring video doorbell is a smart device that simply installs outside near your front door, and acts as both a doorbell and a security camera or motion tracker.

By connecting to your smart phone through the app, it can provide a variety of helpful services that help you keep your house safe and secure. The most popular tool used in the Ring doorbell is the motion tracker.

It detects any activity outside your front door so that you’ll know when an expected guest has arrived, and you’ll know if someone is snooping around. When it detects something, it gives you an alert, and from there you can check the video feed.

Once you’re on the video feed, you’ll be able to see the entire area outside your front door in clear HD quality. This can help you tell if someone is just delivering a package or if someone is trying to do something more nefarious.

You can stream this video from anywhere at any time, and it even films in infrared at night so that you can see in the dark. Another interesting feature of the Ring doorbell is the two-way communication system it’s equipped with.

It has a microphone on it as well as a speaker, so you’ll be able to hear any conversations taking place near the door, and you’ll be able to talk to them without having to shout through the door or open it up.

This would become useful if someone was trying to take a package off your porch. It’s become a very common crime lately for people to casually take a package that was dropped off at your door.

You would get an alert for the movement, see them walking up, and say something through your microphone to drive them off. You would also be able to give police a copy of the video so they could be aware of thieves in the area.

Ring doorbells are very quick and easy to install, whether you had an existing doorbell or not. It shouldn’t realistically take you any more than 20 or so minutes to get it up and running, and within that short amount of time, your house will become that much safer.