Ring Video Doorbell Review

Like many others, you might find yourself worried about your home security. You might want to know if people are trespassing on your property, passing by your front door, who they are, and what they look like.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t normally be possible if you’re not constantly watching though a window or something, at least until Ring doorbells came around. The Ring video doorbell is a smart device that simply installs outside near your front door, and acts as both a doorbell and a security camera or motion tracker.

By connecting to your smart phone through the app, it can provide a variety of helpful services that help you keep your house safe and secure. The most popular tool used in the Ring doorbell is the motion tracker.

It detects any activity outside your front door so that you’ll know when an expected guest has arrived, and you’ll know if someone is snooping around. When it detects something, it gives you an alert, and from there you can check the video feed.

Once you’re on the video feed, you’ll be able to see the entire area outside your front door in clear HD quality. This can help you tell if someone is just delivering a package or if someone is trying to do something more nefarious.

You can stream this video from anywhere at any time, and it even films in infrared at night so that you can see in the dark. Another interesting feature of the Ring doorbell is the two-way communication system it’s equipped with.

It has a microphone on it as well as a speaker, so you’ll be able to hear any conversations taking place near the door, and you’ll be able to talk to them without having to shout through the door or open it up.

This would become useful if someone was trying to take a package off your porch. It’s become a very common crime lately for people to casually take a package that was dropped off at your door.

You would get an alert for the movement, see them walking up, and say something through your microphone to drive them off. You would also be able to give police a copy of the video so they could be aware of thieves in the area.

Ring doorbells are very quick and easy to install, whether you had an existing doorbell or not. It shouldn’t realistically take you any more than 20 or so minutes to get it up and running, and within that short amount of time, your house will become that much safer.