Smart Fish Finders

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  • Date: September 5, 2022
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Smart fish finders are the way to go these days. They have changed how fishing is viewed, and many people are happy to pick it up as a hobby these days.

Most importantly, smart fish finders make fishing very easy for fishers and people who depend on these activities as a source of livelihood.

This article will see the improvement that smart fishfinder devices have brought to the fishing game in the last few years.

Traditional Fish Finders and How They Work?

Traditional fish finders usually use a curved-like feature and have rectangular imaging elements to help produce signals for imaging.

Their curve features are used to estimate the water frequency. The larger the frequency, the better the width and coverage area of the fish finder. However, a smaller frequency will help with better precision.

An example of a traditional fish finder is a 2D interpretation device. They are constantly beeping and giving details of what is happening in the water. Then the device produces output on a screen.

The latest details will show on the right side of the screen while the previous ones move to the left. When a fish swims closer to the frequency created, the fish finder will show an arch on the screen. The arc’s size will depend on the fish’s size and how close it is to the cone. A high or low frequency of the fish finder will also come into play here.

The disadvantage with traditional fish finders is that most of them tend to pick up water elements that come within range, like trees and bushes. However, some have narrow beam features to make sure that they only display realistic images.

Some traditional fish finders will also distinguish the fishes based on types and size. People that want to catch a specific fish type will get help with this type of finders.

What are Smart Fish Finders?

Smart fish finders are of 2 types today, namely: Portable and Castable fish Finders.

What are Portable Fish Finders?

Portable fish finders are specially designed tech devices that are more accurate and provide more details than conventional fish finders. They are perfect for fishers, small boat owners, and those who partake in fishing activities for recreation.

What are Castable Fish Finders?

Just as their name implies, you can cast these fish finders away from you. They are connectable with smartphones and wireless technologies, and when they go in search of fish, you can monitor them with your phone. Castable fish finders are the ideal option for pro and novice fishers that do not want to venture into the waters.

How do Portable and Castable Fish Finder Work?

These two types of devices work with the aid of a technology known as SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging). They depend on soundwaves and are designed to detect and relay the information to the user carefully. For portable fish finders, they use a transducer that acts as a sensor and a receiver that gathers the information.

Castable fish finders make use of a transducer and a receiver too. But in this case, your smartphone is the receiver because the fish finder will relay every information to its screen. The best way to make use of castable fish finders is by slowing their movement across a certain area of the water. To do this, you have to lurch the transducer gradually or leave it to move with a gentle water current.

Are Portable and Castable Fish Finders Ideal for Ice Fishing?

Yes, both fish finders work perfectly for ice fishing. To use them, dig a hole and put the transducer in it. The transducer will then give you all the important details you need to know, such as:

  • The water depth,
  • Presence of other fishes and
  • Presence of other water elements.

Assessing these details, you will conclude if the location you dug the hole is ideal for fishing. If the location is not ideal, then you have to go elsewhere and dig another hole. If you are an ice fisher, you might also need an ice flasher, especially with a castable fish finder. An ice flasher will help you save enough time while fishing.

Are Smart Fish Finders Better than Traditional Ones?

Yes, smart fish finders are better options than traditional ones. They offer versatility options, and their portable and compact features make them easy to move around. You can undergo fishing recreation in ponds for limited use and water that are not accessible to large boats with fish finders.

Castable fish finders even go the extra mile for those who love to fish for the sake of it. They are Bluetooth and wifi enabled and will only alert users when a fish is found. They usually come with a mobile app equipped with many features for seamless fishing operations.

Some Recommended of Smart Fish Finder Products

  • Gearbest’s Fish Finder Grip that comes with an Aluminum Alloy Tool is a portable and anti-lost fish finding device. It is just $15 and perfect for per time fishers and recreationalists.
  • Deeper store’s Deeper Castable and Portable fish finder manufactured for ice fishing and kayak boats are all-encompassing. It is 2 in 1, and a lot of users love it because it is rechargeable. Although quite expensive at $300, it is very cost-effective.
  • Gearbest’s Flytech V500 Castable fish finder comes with remote control. It has a travel speed of 5.4km/hr, which is one reason why product users love it. It costs $200.
  • ST06 Fish Finder from Gearbest is another Castable device you should try out. It is Bluetooth enabled and comes at a reasonable price of $80.18.

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