Gaming Triggers

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  • Date: April 2, 2021
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Gaming triggers are designed for mobile games, primarily FPS gaming. They are the best bet for games that do not support the use of pads. They improve the gaming experience and allow you to compete in multiplayer games.

Gaming triggers are a must for professional game players and people who create internet content around the mobile gaming niche.

Why Should You Use Gaming Triggers?

Some of the benefits of using gaming triggers include:

Smart Designs

Gaming triggers come in various colors to match the smart designs and sleekness of your smartphones.

Perfect Phone Grip

Triggers are designed to perfectly cover smartphones giving you a good grip while playing games.

Easy to Set Up

You do not require expertise in setting up gaming triggers. To set button commands, all you have to do is put the button on the trigger position.

Perform Various Activities

They allow game players to perform a wide range of activities that will make them compete better. While playing FPS games, you can run, crawl, crouch, jump and shoot with gaming triggers.


Gaming triggers are manufactured with lightweight materials such as plastics. They do not get heavy in hand even after playing games for long hours. They are sleek and compact and can fit into your bag to move them around with no hassle.

Specially Designed for Some Games

There are gaming triggers that are specially designed for games like PUBG and COD. Although you can use them for other mobile games, the buttons are preset for these respective games’ in-game actions.

Highly Sensitive

Some gaming triggers are highly sensitive and will give you an edge over your competitors. For FPS gaming, taking the first shot with these triggers is an advantage.

Combination of Triggers and Gamepads

Gaming triggers designed like pads allow name players to enjoy the fusion of triggers and gamepads.

Twice the Action

Triggers give a seamless gameplay experience twice the action for FPS gaming, compared to if you are not using a trigger. They allow you to combine buttons to shoot or attack easily.


Some gaming triggers are designed to be versatile and can fit various smartphones. If you change your smartphone frequently, all you need to get is a versatile trigger that is adjustable regardless of screen size.

What Should You Look Out for Before Choosing a Gaming Trigger?

Some of the things you should consider before purchasing a gaming trigger include the following:


Not all triggers are compatible with all smartphones, operating systems, and games. Before buying a trigger, make sure that it has all the specifications to fit your phone and play your favorite games.


If you have more than one smartphone or always buy the latest version of a smartphone, you should invest in a versatile trigger.


Most triggers make use of wireless connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or both. Choosing a trigger with more connectivity options is the best decision.


For professional online mobile game players that are not playing for just entertainment, a sensitive gaming trigger is an added advantage.

NB: Some competitions do not allow the use of triggers

How You Can Change Gaming Triggers Control

Gaming triggers allow you to change an already existing setting in just about four steps, they include:

  • Open the setting of your mobile game.
  • Navigate to the controls and click on customize.
  • Change the action buttons to the left corner, right corner, or below the triggers.
  • Save your settings.
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