Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera Review

  • By: techsmart
  • Date: January 3, 2021
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Having consistent and reliable footage of the inside of your house can help you act fast in situations that would otherwise turn bad very quickly. Knowing the status of your house at all times helps prevent things like burglaries from going too far, and even if they succeed, you should be able to have some great incriminating evidence against them.

Amazon’s Cloud Cam offers all of this and more in a convenient, easy to use package. One aspect of the Amazon Cloud Cam that attracts many consumers is the simplicity in setting it up.

It requires very little time to get it up and running. You just need to point it in the right direction, plug it in, and connect it to an Amazon account. From there, you can do all of the things you want it to do, whether it’s from your phone or from your computer.

At the base level, this device will record up to 24 hours of footage in the cloud, replacing old footage as needed to make more space. If there’s an important clip that you need, you can download it to have it permanently saved on your computer.

This would be something like catching the burglar in action, keeping it so that it can later be used in court as evidence. The basic package also includes things like motion-sensitive alerts to let you know when it detects something, and it can be live streamed from your account at any time.

However, you can upgrade your subscription in order to gain access to more premium features. As you upgrade it, you’ll be able to hold more footage, connect more cameras, and so on.

Some of the premium features are definitely worth the cost. For example, you can have human detection set up so that it will alert you for detecting a human figure instead of something like a dog running around.

One of the most amazing premium features comes in the form of advanced audio alerts. It gives you a detailed alert regarding what it heard, so that you know what’s going on at that time. It could be anything from a dog barking to a crying baby and just about anything in between, even including breaking glass. This is so incredibly useful because you’ll know if it’s something you need to respond to right away or if it’s just a noise that happens to be occurring.

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