What is a Phablet?

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  • Date: April 2, 2021
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A phablet is a device that has the similarities of a tablet and a smartphone. Recently, tablets’ sizes have shrunk from 10 inches to 7 inches while smartphones, on the other hand, increased from 4.3 inches to over 6 inches.

Manufacturers started producing bigger phones and smaller tablets, and this gave rise to phablets that come in ranges of 5.3 inches to 6.9 inches. Their CPU speeds are usually from 1.5 gigs and are either dual quad or even six core-based processors. Although it looks big, most men will prefer to carry this around than carrying both a tablet pc and a phone together. Ladies may like to carry their phablet in their purses.

What Makes Phablet Devices Special?

Phablets devices can take powerful processors and batteries to enhance battery life. They are ideal because most people are frustrated about their phone’s battery inability to last long.

Today, phablets are the way to go. Technology brings the 3g and LTE technology, dual camera, and GPS capabilities to these devices. And people that tried using Phablets found it hard to go back to the small screen of smartphones.

With the launch of faster processors, it was wise for manufacturers to increase the devices’ size to accommodate heating. But with larger phones, people can also benefit from longer battery life amidst other advantages of phablets.

Recent phone launches have shown that Phablets will be the new smartphones, and the popularity of tablet pc and phones will soon start to dwindle.

Why People Choose Phablets Over Smartphones

Some of the reasons why people will go for phablets instead of smartphones include the following:

Working Device

Although phablets are not the best working devices, they are still preferable to smartphones in this aspect. In case you are away from your PC and need to make adjustments to an existing project, a phablet will come in handy than a smartphone.

Phablet’s screen size makes it easier for you to send an email, edit and type documents, and adjust project presentation. In case you are working where there is no power and exhaust the battery life of your PC, you can quickly complete the work with a phablet.

Phablets are also ideal for multitasking in case you have a hefty workload. You can run multiple applications at the same time and switch between them seamlessly.

Battery life

When it comes to smartphones, the bigger the battery size, the better the battery life. There is no need to care about portability or compactness for phablets, which favors their battery life. In terms of smart devices, phablets have better battery life.

Most of their batteries are built to last all day without charging. So, if you find yourself managing a battery, you might want to consider a phablet over a smartphone.

Better Viewing Experience

Smartphone screens are not perfect for all media activities. Automatically, with a larger screen size, you will get a better viewing experience while watching videos, reading eBooks, or playing mobile games.

Phablets make it better to do these things. They are easy on the eyes because you will not have to strain your eyes with a large screen. If you enjoy using smart devices for entertainment, you will be better off with a phablet than a smartphone.

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