Thanksgiving – The Fun & Madness of Black Friday

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  • Date: September 17, 2018
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After the festivities of the Thanksgiving meal, it is time to get ready for the crazy shopping event known as Black Friday. This is the day after Thanksgiving and it is the time of year when shoppers can pick up an assortment of bargains both online and from retail stores.

The History of Black Friday

There are two main explanations that describe the reason for the term Black Friday. One is that it originated in Philadelphia in 1966. It referred to the heavy traffic jams that were caused by people who were rushing to the stores in order to get their hands on these bargains.

The other explanation is that it is an accounting term. When a company is said to be in the red, it means that funds are so low that they are overdrawn but when a company is in the black then their records show that it is in profits.

The Reason for Its Popularity

Black Friday has gained so much popularity because it a time of the year where you can purchase products that have been significantly reduced in price. It is actually the busiest shopping day of the year and this is one time that retailers can be sure of a positive boost in their profits. Many big ticket items are slashed in prices and because there are only a limited amount of the stock put on sale, shoppers eager to take advantage of these deals happily turn up to stores in the wee small hours of the morning so that they are first in line.

How to Be Successful on Black Friday

If you want to pick up some good bargains on Black Friday, it is necessary to do a little preparation work. You need to decide on the type of goods you would like to get. Then you should do some research to find out which stores in your area will be offering the best discounts. You can also do some research online. There are lots of different websites that will email you will information about which stores are selling which products and the availability.

Be Prepared To Wait

As you can imagine, you will not be the only bargain hunters out on the streets. This means that you have to be prepared to wait in line. People can get quite aggressive so you have to have your wits about you and try to remain as calm as possible.

The Best Bargains

Most people would agree that the best bargains that you can pick up on Black Friday are the electrical goods such as televisions, computers and laptops. However these are only real bargains if you actually need these items. Try not to get seduced by the offers all around you. Work out exactly what you need, make a list of stick to it.

Although Black Friday is not a national holiday, it is a very important a feature of the Thanksgiving event. If you plan wisely you could find yourself with a car full of super bargains as a treat for yourself or as future Christmas gifts for friends and family.

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