Camping with Tech Perks

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  • Date: April 2, 2021
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Many tech products will give you a great camping experience when you are out in the woods. They are designed to make you take charge of some rather difficult camping situations so that you can enjoy your getaway.

Four of these products and how they can come in handy during camping include the following:

Mosquito Killer Lamp

It would be best if you planned to repel mosquitoes before camping. Mosquitoes make camping less fun, especially in the summer. You can’t sit outside and enjoy the sunshine with these annoying pests around.

However, there are some solutions, insecticide sprays being one of them. But these sprays are only short-lived, and in no time, the mosquitoes will be back again. Moreover, chemicals from insecticides cause skin irritation and inflammation. And skin issues are not something you want to deal with while camping.

The ideal solution is a mosquito killer lamp. They use ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes and other disturbing pests, after which they will kill them. Asides from killing mosquitoes, the LED light from these lamps will be handy at night.

Mosquito killer lamps have inbuilt batteries, and depending on the capacity, they can last as long as 24 hours. They also have various modes of brightness, high, medium, and low. The higher the light brightness, the shorter time it will take the battery to run down.

Some mosquito killers are designed to be waterproof such that you can use them for fishing activities during camping. They are ideal for every weather condition too. Also, unlike insecticide spray, the ultraviolet light will not have any negative effect on your skin. Their battery is rechargeable with a USB charger.

Check out Utorch Mosquito Killer Lamp White Other Novelty Light from Gearbest. At a reasonable price of $15, it will help you repel mosquitoes and bugs. Online customers loved its compactness and portability, making it ideal for camping.

Camp Light with Hanging Hook

Before you embark on your journey, you have to tick a list of some important gadgets that will come in handy for you. The list will most likely include a torchlight for when night befalls. But there is another lightning gadget for camping that is as important as a torchlight called a Hanging hook camp light.

It would help if you had illumination in your tent at night, and your torchlight is not capable of hanging on the tent’s roof. However, camp lights with hooks will hang on your tent, a tree, and the roof of your vehicle with no hassle. They have rechargeable batteries, and the battery’s capacity determines how long the light will last.

Some of these camp lights are designed for security purposes too. They have blinking red lights that a camp group can use to denote dangers. They are lightweight and easy to pack when needed.

They are usually water-resistant, in case you need them and it starts raining, or you decide to go fishing. If you do not like sleeping with bright lights on, you can adjust the lighting to a dim mode and enjoy your sleep.

While going through camp activities, you can hook these gadgets to your backpack. It will attach safely without any worry of falling off.

Check out Gearbest’s Multifunctional Bulb Tent Camp Light with Hanging Hook. It costs just $5.26. For all the functions it offers, this is a low price.

Outdoor Camping Shower Bath Bag

Outdoor camping shower bags are small and mobile showers that can be temporarily installed for bathing while camping. They are designed to fit in a small space, are easy to handle, and ideal for emergency baths. For bathing in the woods or mountains, you can set them up and clean up yourself quickly.

There are various types of camping shower bags based on their working model. The electric one will require a power supply. You should only go for this choice if there were a power source or generator in the camp.

Battery camping showers are battery-powered. As long as the battery is not low, you can make use of them. They are also rechargeable. Gravity camping shower bags have to be hung up high before you can use them. In contrast, the solar types come with a solar panel and a reservoir for storing power.

However, the most common camping shower bath bag is the pump shower. You have to press the pump with your foot before the water can come out of the showerhead outlet.

The type of camping will determine your choice of camping shower bath bag. It would help if you made inquiries from the organizers about what will and won’t be available at the camp.

Check out Gearbest’s Camping Shower Bag Black Other Camping Gadgets. At just $11, it comes with a detachable hose and an interchangeable shower head.

Hand Crank Mobile Phone Emergency Charger

Having a dead phone in the woods or mountains can be very unfortunate. Especially in situations where you need the phone map to navigate your way out. But with a hand crank mobile phone emergency charger, you can bring your phone back up.

Hand crank chargers work so that it produces enough friction to generate electricity and charge your phone. However, with this gadget, you have a lot of work to do. You have to keep turning the crank until it generates enough power to charge the phone.

Many people do not like that they have to exert a lot of power with this gadget. However, in emergencies, a hand crank charger can be a lifesaver with the possibility of getting lost in the woods.

Most manufacturers of these gadgets claim that one emergency call can be made when the crank is turned for about 10 minutes. The market might be all you need to get out of the woods for good.

Although power banks seem to make crack mobile phone chargers redundant, if you camp for weeks without electricity, the power bank will eventually run down.

Check out USB Manual Generator Hand Crank Mobile Phone Emergency Charger from Gearbest. It costs $6, and online customers love its efficiency and lightweight.

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