Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Review

When you have a regular toilet seat, it not only results in you spending more money on hygiene, but it also contributes to your discomfort and exposure to more germs and bacteria.

Using a regular toilet seat means that you spend a lot of money on toilet paper. You can wipe repeatedly and never truly get or feel clean. But all that extra tissue causes problems.

Toilet paper clogs are one of the leading causes of water overflow in the bathroom. It’s also a leading cause of plumbing pipes getting clogged. When you have an accidental overflow, it spreads those germs and bacteria all over the toilet base and onto your floor.

If you can’t unclog the pipe yourself, then you have to call out a plumber, which costs you in both time and money. You could try cleaning the toilet repeatedly throughout the day to prevent as many germs and bacteria as possible from accumulating.

You could also try using one ply toilet paper and limiting the sheets used to save money and keep clogs from happening. Or, you can get a smart toilet seat. The Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat means you get to use less toilet paper, so right away, you save money.

You also stay more hygienic. The bidet uses a dual nozzle that can wash both the front and back of the private area. It’s kid friendly, too – which means it can help cut down on or even eliminate contamination from bowel movements.

The seat’s controls are located within easy reach on the side. The seat is designed for comfort. One of the great features with this product is that it’s heated. So if you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of a chilly night, you won’t be jolted wideawake by a freezing toilet seat.

The water is also warm, which makes it more comfortable when washing. The gadget has a slow closing lid, which is a plus for several reasons. One, because it can keep animals from drinking from the toilet.

Secondly, it can keep children out of the toilet. Third, it keeps germs in the toilet when the toilet is flushed rather than sending droplets out into the air like manually closing seats do.

The seat has an energy saving mode, so you save on electricity. It also has a massage feature. This can be used to help encourage regular bowel movements. It also has a bubble infusion feature.

This creates air pockets that cushion the spray of water to make it a gentle, pleasant experience. The seat has wide clean for your convenience and switches from front to back cleaning. It also has a self clean function. There’s no need to waste your money on excessive toilet paper, or having to worry about clogs or not getting as clean as you’d like to be – not when the easy to install Bio Bidet is available for use in your home!

Smart Vanity Bathroom Mirror Review

If you’re like most people, you get ready for your day in front of the bathroom mirror- putting on makeup, fixing your hair – or, if you’re a man, you might shave first thing. You also wind down your day in the bathroom taking a bath or shower, brushing your teeth, putting on lotion and doing other beauty and skincare habits.

When there’s not enough light for your bathroom vanity, you can end up poking yourself in the eye with a makeup pencil, putting on your makeup with a heavier hand, missing makeup lines, missing spots of hair when shaving and more.

Then while you’re in the middle of doing your routine, the mirror fogs so you have to pause and wipe it down so you can see again. It’s all very inconvenient. There are some ways that you could solve this problem.

You could have better lighting installed in your bathroom. You could switch to using another room in the house to accomplish your routines. Or, you could get a bathroom mirror that gives you the right amount of light and doesn’t fog up on you.

The Smart Vanity Mirror is perfect for your bathroom. It uses an LED light, which gives you just the right amount of lighting. It has a Smart Touch Switch that allows you to use that feature.

This same switch will also give you the ability to defog the mirror, so you won’t have trouble seeing and you won’t have to wipe it down. On top of those handy features, the device also gives you the outdoor weather forecast.

The will show you if the weather is cloudy, sunny, raining, snowing, sleeting and more. This information can be useful to help guide you in knowing how to dress for the day.

Knowing the outside temperature can also help you at night so you know what temperature to set your home thermostat on.

No more having to track down the temperature or nights spent being too hot or too cold. But it also has both an indoor and outdoor humidity reading. The calendar function shows the day of the week as well as the month and date.

The mirror also has a date and time as well as an alarm clock feature. While the mirror’s light is great to use for putting on makeup and other beauty care habits, it has a sleep mode. This way, when it’s time for the bed, the mirror’s light won’t be so bright that it keeps you awake. You can stop the frustration of not being able to see well enough in a bathroom mirror to do what you need to do by choosing an option that meets your need. The Smart Mirror can save you time as well as help keep you comfortable day and night thanks to all of its features.

Derpras Luxury Shower System Review

Taking a shower should be simple, easy and convenient for you. But you can run into problems where the water temperature doesn’t meet your expectations and some styles of showerheads don’t let the water spray evenly or without enough of a gentle force.

And if you have a fixed showerhead, you have to angle your body as you shower, which can lead to contorting, slipping and splashing water in places you don’t want it to go – like over the top of the shower door and onto the floor.

What you can do to fix that is try getting a handheld shower head. You can also try to get your fixed showerhead moved up. Or, you could get a shower system that makes showering easier and convenient.

The Derpras Luxury Smart Shower System makes showering convenient and easy but it also makes it a luxurious experience. The height of the rain showerhead with this system is adjustable.

So if you need it to higher, you just move it. Same thing if you want it lowered. It’s designed to work for your personalized comfort, not some standard mode. The 8 inch square showerhead can also rotate, s you can swing it from one side to the next.

But because the makers understood the need for having a showerhead that can angle, they gave this one the ability to tilt as you need it. If you’ve never used a rain showerhead, you’re in for a treat.

It can be as powerful or as gentle as you like and gives you a soothing experience. It has an LED display so when you take a shower, it’ll give you a reading for what the water temperature is.

This will help you find the temperature that you like the best. It’ll also tell you how long the shower was on. This display controls the rain showerhead, the handheld showerhead and the tub spout.

Choosing the function that works best for you can save water, which in turn saves money. A great feature with this device is that it isn’t powered by electricity or battery. Instead, it uses the flow of water to power it up.

As soon as you turn on the water, the display will come on, which makes this another money saving feature with this system. A shower should be something that you look forward to relaxing in. It should be a luxurious experience. You shouldn’t have to contort your body or waste money or water every time you shower. You deserve a system that gives you the spray force and the water temperature that you want. Forget the standard, one size fits all shower system and make your shower your choice.

Hugoai Smart Led Table Lamp Review

It can be difficult finding the right night light for your little one. They’ll likely want one if they’re a bit afraid of the dark, and it makes falling asleep much easier for them.However, you don’t want one that’s too bright or too dim, but you won’t really know what level it’s at until you buy it.

Even then, it’ll stay on all night after they’ve fallen asleep unless you go in and unplug it or turn it off every night, only to plug it back in the following evening. For a great solution, you should look into getting a smart night light such as the HUGOAI smart table lamp.

With this lamp, you’ll be able to control a ton of features straight from your phone, and you’ll never have to worry about going into the kid’s room and potentially waking them up.

This lamp offers plenty of features that make it an easy to use, versatile product. The first feature that you’ll probably find to be the most beneficial is the brightness control. You can find the perfect balance for your child in no time at all, simply by using the slider controls in the smartphone app.

This means that you won’t have to worry about buying one that’s too dim, and if your child changes their mind at some point, you won’t have to replace it – instead, you can just adjust it as needed.

Another interesting feature of this product is that it doesn’t just use white light. You can get it to display just about any color you can imagine, because it has over 16 million different colors that you can choose from quickly by using the color wheel.

This means that if you’d prefer to give the room a certain tint with the night light, such as a baby blue, you can do so quickly and easily. You can also use schedules in order to make it quick and easy to turn it down to the right brightness for bedtime. During the day, you can have it at a standard brightness of a normal desk lamp, but you can then have it scheduled to turn down to the right level and color at whatever time you have set for the child to be going to sleep. This helps you avoid having to pull out the app every night and adjust it manually, and helps keep the brightness and color you choose consistent.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Review

If you’re like most people, you don’t have much help around the house. You have to take care of everything yourself – including making sure the floors stay clean. Because floors are usually the first thing to get messy in a house, you have to clean these daily and sometimes more than once a day.

If you work a full time job on top of trying to keep up with housekeeping chores, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re looking to get some help keeping the floors clean around the house, you could try scheduling help by hiring someone which can be expensive – not to mention you’d really need to vet whoever you let into your home.

You can also try to use one of those floor mops, but you do have to buy replacement cloths periodically. Or, you could use a robot vacuum cleaner, which can clean floors of any type.

The Ecovac Deebot can handle any mess that it comes across. It’s designed with the main brush for getting up dirt and debris, but it also has two brushes on the side. These brushes can sweep up dirt easily for the vacuum to clean.

You can set it to automatically clean your floors, but you also have the option to clean just a specific area. Since most dust settles on the edge of the floor first, the Ecovac has a setting for that.

The edge mode can clean all around the parameters of whatever room you’re using it in. You have the option to use it with voice control. It’s compatible for use with Alexa or Google assistant.

The robot has five directives to choose from. You can schedule it to clean, which is basically like a set it and forget it option – because it’ll start at that time and clean until the job is complete.

You also have the option of using direct control where you command the vacuum. The machine has a status update feature as well as one for accessories. There is an option for you to set the vacuum to maximum mode.

This feature revs up the cleaning power twice as powerful for any mess that doesn’t clean up easily. It can run under furniture, too. The robot can run for as long as 110 minutes and when it’s done, it will automatically head back to the dock.

A big plus for this vacuum is that it’s so quiet you can watch TV or carry on a conversation while it’s running and be able to easily hear what’s being said. The robot comes with an air filter, remote, cleaning tool, charging dock and side brushes. With this vacuum, you can finally have some reliable help around the house to get and keep the floors clean. Using the device will free you from having to constantly clean your floors manually, which gives you more time to do the fun things you like to do.

iRobot Roomba 675 Review

Life gets busy and taking time for tasks such as cleaning and vacuuming your house eats into your busy schedule. Not to mention that messes and spills happen, especially if you have little ones.

And if you have friends or family who want to visit, you’ll want to sweep or run the vacuum over the floor. Then you have to take the time to put the broom away or roll up the cord for the vacuum.

It can feel like you’re constantly working, even when you’re trying to find time to relax. You can try to use those little hand held vacuums for quick fixes to get up spilled items or do to a bit of spot cleaning.

You could also try to get a cordless vacuum or one where the cord automatically retracts. Or, you could use a robot vacuum. The iRobot Roomba 675 can simplify your life and give you back the time you spend sweeping up spills or constantly checking for dirt and debris that get tracked in.

This vacuum takes the load off your shoulders with its 3 stage cleaning system. This top of the line system gets the dirt, including ground in dirt from all types of floors. It suctions it away so you don’t have to sweep or vacuum up hair or worry about dust.

The system takes care of it for you. Even if the vacuum is moving from one type of floor to the next, it doesn’t affect the depth of cleaning because the gadget will automatically adjust to deal with the level of whatever it’s cleaning.

Because the Roomba 675 has built in sensors, it can detect dirt. So in high traffic areas where you have people walking back and forth a lot – like an entryway or between a kitchen and living room – the system will head there and clean the area more thoroughly.

These same sensors direct the Roomba so that it moves around things and will drive itself under furniture such as a sofa, chairs or table to get the hidden dust and hair.It also has an edge sweeping brush so not even dirt in the corners or around the baseboards of your home will escape the cleaning.

The system can be scheduled to run even if you’re not home, so the floors are always clean. It relies on the use of Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can direct it as needed by telling Alexa to instruct the gadget to start or stop cleaning or what time to clean. It can work for 90 minutes before it’ll need to recharge. The Roomba 675 is the solution to getting off the constant cycle of having to pick up debris from the floor, sweep things up or dragging out the vacuum. Because the cleaning can be scheduled, it saves you time and keeps the floors always family or visitor ready.

LATME Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

Nobody likes waking up to their alarm clock. Whether it’s on your phone or a separate device next to your bed, it usually wakes you up with a loud noise that puts you in a negative mood.

Some alarm clocks have been made with the intention of frustrating you as much as possible in the morning to get you out of bed faster, but that simply doesn’t work well to put you in a good mood.

If you want to wake up each day feeling more refreshed, you need to considering getting the LATME Sunrise alarm clock. The Sunrise alarm clock uses a variety of methods in order to get you to wake up calmly and peacefully, giving you a much happier morning experience.

As the name would imply, one of the main features of this device is the sunrise, meaning that it simulates the light of sunrise in your room in order to get you to wake up in a much more natural way.

Depending on how you have it set, it can start up to an hour before you’re scheduled to wake up and start emitting low levels of light. This is very similar to the slightest bits of light you get when the sun starts to come up.

Slowly but surely, it’ll go through its many different light levels, gradually getting brighter as it gets closer to your wake-up time. By the time you’re ready to get up, it’ll be at full brightness, simulating daylight.

One useful reason for having this feature is that you might not always have sunlight when you wake up. In some places, if you were to wake up at 6AM, it would still be dark out, so you can’t rely on sunlight to wake you up.

With this device, you’ll be able to simulate sunlight just as well as you’d be able to see it outside normally. There are other functions that this device includes to help wake you up efficiently.

For example, the FM radio can be set to come on so that you’re woken up to music instead of some blaring alarm tone you might find on your phone. You can preset the station so that you’re able to wake up to whatever kinds of tunes you might enjoy. This device works in conjunction with other smart home devices like Alexa or Google Home, and even has a built in color changing bulb that you can use for things like mood lighting.

Eufy Boostiq Robovac 30C Review

To keep the air in your home as clean as possible, you should vacuum your home twice a week. If you have children or pets, you should vacuum twice a day. This is the only way to keep the microscopic allergen levels down.

Not many people can vacuum once a day, much less twice a day – no matter how much it’s recommended. There’s just not enough time to get everything done. And not many people can afford to have someone come to their house and clean the floors daily.

One extreme thing you can do is remove anything, such as carpet and rugs that trap allergens. You’d also have to remove certain furniture that acts as a magnet for dirt. And you’d have to keep your pets corralled.

That’s just not realistic, but you could do that. You could also get a pet roller to clean pet hair, dander and allergens up, but that won’t get debris like cereal up off the floor and it won’t clean high traffic areas.

Or, you could get a robotic vacuum. The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C uses a 3 point cleaning system. With this power, it not only loosens and vacuums up dirt and debris from high traffic areas, but it can clean up food spills left by kids, debris tracked inside the house, and pet hair.

It gives a high quality cleaning, thanks to the 1500Pa suction ability. It has large wheels designed to easily navigate carpets as well as room dividing ledges. Because it can hold a charge for 100 minutes, you won’t have to constantly recharge it to get your entire home vacuumed.

The sensors in the machine are savvy enough to alert the vacuum to prevent it from falling off the edge of stairs or any drop area. It comes with boundary strips that you can put down so that the machine will just clean where you want it to clean.

It has anti-collision sensors that prevent it from bumping into your furniture, the walls and pets that like to lie down right where the cleaning needs to be done. This quiet vacuum is slim, so it fits under places that other vacuums don’t.

It works with Wi-Fi using Alexa or Google Assistant so you can direct it using your phone, but it also works without Wi-Fi. So you can use it manually. It has the ability to spot clean, clean the edges of a room and it also has an extra suction mode. If you have pets, this vacuum can clean up after them deeper and better than sweeping or ordinary vacuums can. You can use the device to vacuum multiple times a day to keep the floors clean, the allergens down and improve the air quality in your home.

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85 Review

When you need to clean your floors, using a traditional vacuum doesn’t always get the job done quickly. That’s because you have to take the time to pause in order to add attachments so you can clean beneath furniture, in crevices, corners or along the edges of a room.

It can take 15 to 20 minutes to vacuum one room, depending on how big it is. Even if all you need to vacuum are 3 to 4 rooms, you’re spending at least 45 minutes on this task. If you vacuum twice a day, you’re spending an hour and a half a day or more than 10 hours a week if you do it faithfully.

That’s a lot of your time, not to mention the energy cost. You could cut down so that you only vacuum once a week, but in the meantime, you’d have to spot sweep, which means you don’t really save time – or, you’d have to put up with the mess and who wants to do that?

You could also let a robotic vacuum do the work for you. The Shark Ion R85 is a robotic vacuum that’s powerful. It has 3 times the suction ability when used in the Max Mode.

That means you get capable and fast cleaning, even when the machine is switching from one type of floor to another.

It has a main brush along with two side brushes that use a sweeping action to keep gathering the debris for the vacuum to suction up. What’s cool about the brushroll is that it’s self cleaning.

That means it removes the hair itself so you don’t have to. This brushroll is specifically designed to deal with pet hair as well as pet dander. It has the ability to easily clean an entire room along with the corners and along the edges of the room.

The gadget relies on the Smart Sensor Navigation to guide it away from things so it doesn’t end up getting trapped in the middle of vacuuming. It’s made with a larger dust collection cup, which is also a time saver because you won’t need to be emptying it as often.

It’s both Wi-Fi and Voice activated. You can control it and set it to clean using an app accessed by a smartphone so you can set it to begin cleaning no matter where you are. Or, you can do this with Alexa or Google Home. It comes with a charging dock and boundary strip. If you’re ready to stop spending so much time and effort keeping your floors clean, say goodbye to constantly changing accessories with a regular vacuum cleaner and say hello to the innovative, deep cleaning, Shark Ion.