Great Gift Ideas for The Traveler

Traveling is fun these days because various products make you comfortable and feel at home throughout the journey. If you are contemplating which gift to give your friend that is always traveling, there are many options.

This article talks about four of the best gift ideas for a traveler.

UV Sanitizer

Contrary to what most people think, UV sanitizers have been around for a long time now; however, hospitals mostly used sanitizers for sanitizing medical kits. However, the situation of the world today has made UV sanitizers more important than ever. Travelers need them to stay safe, and they are even a criterion to enter some places or regions.

UV sanitizers make use of UV light emitted from the atmosphere to protect and eradicate disease-causing microorganisms like fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

While using your face mask and hand sanitizer will limit the possibility of catching covid19, you should also sanitize some of the objects you frequently touch. After putting your phone and keys on various surfaces during your travel, you should disinfect with a UV sanitizer. UV sanitizers come in cases or bags and will eradicate 99.9% of microorganisms on your keys and phones.

The type of UV light that these devices use is the germinal UV light. They are very effective against microorganisms and will kill them by completely damaging their nucleic acid such that the DNA in their germs dies.

What are the Benefits of Using UV Sanitizers?

  • Asides from covid19, UV sanitizers destroy other germs and microorganisms that affect humans.
  • They are capable of removing as much as 99% of germs on objects.
  • Some UV sanitizers have wireless phone charging features that will allow you to charge your phone while sanitizing.
  • The UV light used for this sanitization is harmless and does not penetrate the human skin.

Tech Pouches

Tech pouches are another gift that is suitable for travelers. Tech pouches make it possible to pack tech products in a specific place before travel so that you can access them at will. They can have a simple design or more extensive features that proffer better packaging.

Tech pouches are designed to be rigid and have paddings that will keep tech accessories safe. Brands take various initiatives while manufacturing them; some pouches are resistant to water and weather. Some of them will also have multiple compartments for multiple sizes of tech products.

Most tech pouches make use of zippers, so you can easily open and close. Another interesting feature is the handle; they have various types, so travelers can keep them out of their luggage if they like. Tech pouch handles can be as small as allowing you to grab with your hand or wearing it across your shoulder.

Another interesting feature is the USB charger pass-through port that allows you to charge your phone on the go. The port will allow a seamless connection from the cable compartment to your phone compartment. So you do not even have to bring out your phone before charging.

What are the Benefits of Using Tech Pouches?

  • They make packing tech accessories easy during travels.
  • They are made from durable materials that will keep your tech products safe at all times.
  • They are quite secure and will prevent the theft of your tech items.
  • They give easy access to tech items during travels.

Tile Tracker

One of the most unfortunate incidents that travelers can face is dealing with a missing bag upon reaching their destination. A lot of important documents and accessories can get missing in this situation. However, a tile tracker can prevent this situation and help travelers monitor their luggage at all times.

Tile trackers are Bluetooth devices designed for quick item location. They are usually portable such that you can attach them to items through a fitting hole. Besides luggage, travelers can also link a tile tracker to any item they are most likely to lose.

Tile trackers come with mobile applications that you can download on Android and iOS devices. The tracker will connect to your phone via Bluetooth, so you activate the app to make your tracker beep and find your missing item.

In a situation where your tile tracker is not within Bluetooth range, you can check the app for its last seen location. To activate this, you have to make the tile app access your phone map app.

If your item is still missing after all these, you can then use the Tile tracker community feature. The feature will alert any tile tracker user whenever the person is within your tracker Bluetooth range. The person will then anonymously reach out to you with the item’s last seen location.

What are the Benefits of Using a Tile Tracker?

  • They help save the stress of looking for missing items.
  • The wireless and smartphone connectivity makes it easy to locate items.
  • They prevent theft.

Portable Espresso Machines

Portable espresso machines are an ideal gift for travelers that are coffee connoisseurs. They can make their coffee on the go and remain active throughout the journey.

Espresso machines are designed to be mobile, but some are more portable than others depending on the manufacturer. The best options for travelers are machines with weights of 340-500mg. They are lightweight enough for an overnight journey or a mini-vacation and will also fit into luggage seamlessly.

Another thing to consider when choosing a portable espresso machine for travel is its compatibility with your favorite espresso. Some devices are designed for only pods, while others are for capsules. But you can still find few ones compatible with the two methods.

Portable espresso machines also have varying water sources. You need to boil water separately for some devices, while others will boil the water for you. In this situation, you have to consider an electric socket’s availability at the traveler’s destination before choosing a machine.

The quality of the coffee produced is perhaps the most significant consideration when choosing a portable espresso machine. Coffee aficionados never settle for less in terms of quality, so this is one important determinant before buying the device as a gift.

It is important to research before getting any brand of portable espresso machine carefully. Remember that an expensive product does not always mean the best product.

What are the Benefits of Portable Espresso Machines?

  • Their components are always safe and made from FDA-approved materials.
  • Most portable espresso machines pour directly into a drinking cup. You do not need to move around with a mug.
  • They have rechargeable and detachable batteries. You can brew whenever you want.