TCL 40S325 Review

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  • Date: January 3, 2021
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As time goes on, there are more and more ways to enjoy shows and other forms of entertainment. Lately, one of the biggest developments has been the switch to streaming content instead of getting it over cable networks.

TCL 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED

Services like Netflix and Hulu have taken off lately, and TVs have adapted to conform to these new changes. The TCL 40S325 Smart Roku TV is a great example of this, providing tons of ways for you to enjoy your entertainment however you want, while also giving you great resolution in a high quality LED display.

The main selling point of this TV is the Roku integration. Roku is a service that allows you to quickly access and navigate Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and more – straight through your TV, allowing you to watch your favorite shows on a big screen instead of on a laptop or a phone.

This allows the TV to use tons of different features that can really enhance your entertainment experience. Roku allows you to view content from any major streaming service at the press of a button.

TCL 40S325

You need to have accounts with these services in order to view them, but once you have them, accessing it is extremely quick and efficient. You can have preset buttons to launch your preferred streaming services by pressing it just once, bringing you straight into that service’s catalogue, making it incredibly fast to navigate between different services.

There are plenty of other apps that you can use with Roku as well. For example, you can use apps like Pandora, Spotify, Prime Music, and more to listen to music and have it playing as background noise while you’re doing other regular things around your house.

TCL 40S325 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV

It also allows you to use apps like ESPN or FOX Sports in order to keep up with your favorite sports content. One interesting feature of this TV is the alternative remote. It’s not uncommon at all for you to lose the remote, but luckily, that’s not really a problem with the Roku TV. You can actually use your smartphone as a remote in order to browse, launch apps, adjust volume, search, and more. One of the best features with this function is the ability to connect headphones to your phone and hear the audio from the TV, so that you can have a show playing without disturbing other people who might be in the room.

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