Health and Fitness Stocking Stuffers 2021

If you are in charge of putting together a Christmas stocking for a child or other close relative who is also interested in health, you may not want to fill it with solid chocolate Santa heads and bags of other sweet treats. Here are some better options.

Water Bottle

Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

When it comes to water bottles, one can never have too many of them. Don’t be afraid to get a water bottle for someone just because you assume they already have one. People are constantly leaving bottles at the gym or in their car, misplace them, and have to buy new ones. Go ahead and find a good water bottle for their stocking. There are also different varieties of bottles, from those that fit into a bicycle, to infusing bottles that have a compartment in the middle to fit cut up fruit or vegetables. You can also get a bottle with a secret compartment to hold their keys and credit cards when heading into the gym.

Gripping Socks

DubeeBaby Women’s Yoga Socks

These types of socks are good for anyone who likes to do yoga, Pilates, or even barre workouts. These people are typically doing workouts in studios where there is hardwood flooring that gets very slippery. It is hard to hold a downward dog position with slipping feet. This is where the gripping socks come in handy. Often labeled as yoga socks or Pilates socks, they are short socks that have grips on the bottom. They are comfortable and lightweight, yet they grip any surface to prevent slipping and sliding around.

LED Safety Lights

LED Safety Lights

For anyone in your life that likes to walk or run at night, they are at risk of someone hitting them because they don’t see them clearly. For safety purposes, you can get LED lights that easily fasten to the heels of their walking or running shoes. These are small, inexpensive, and perfect to put in a Christmas stocking. You can also fit them in a gift basket if you decide to go that route with their gift.

Pocket Towel

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel Perfect Travel

Everyone who is interested in fitness is going to use a towel to dry off. For a Christmas stocking, a rolled up towel might be a bit big, but you can always get them a pocket towel. This is a highly absorbent towel, but one that is small and lightweight. It folds up easily and fits into a pouch, so they can put it in their pocket when heading to the gym or going for a hike.

Best Gift Ideas For Fitness Junkies 2021

For the fitness fan in your life, you may want to get them a gift that follows along with this type of interest. Luckily, there are a lot of gifts to choose from. Consider one or more of the following gift ideas.

Workout Journal

Workout Journal (Diary, Notebook, Fitness)

Someone who is really into fitness probably also wants to keep track of their activity daily, which is where the benefit of a workout journal comes in. Try to find them a journal with a good size that lets them bring it around with them in their purse or gym bag, so that it is always available. Some journals simply have blank pages with lines, while others are split up into categories with prompts on each page of what to write. A good journal is Workout Journal Diary by Claudine Gandolfi. This is available on Amazon and includes areas for recording the type of workout, vitamins and supplements, and classes taken on that day.

Exercise Bands

WODSKAI Resistance Exercise Fabric Bands

The recipient might also want some resistance bands, which are perfect for various exercises. These are resistance bands used for cardio and strength training workouts, both at home and in the gym. A good pair of bands you can find are the ones by WODSKAI. There are a lot of different types of resistance bands, but these are great because they include 5 bands and come with a full exercise instructional booklet. These exercise bands are made of cotton elastic fabric and are 13 inches long each. They are lightweight and easy for even a beginner to use.

Cooling Towel

Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Travel, Camping & More

Don’t forget that when someone is into fitness, they sweat a lot, which requires the use of a really good towel. Nobody wants to use a towel that is scratchy or too warm, since this isn’t going to help them feel any better. A better option is to get them a towel that is soft but also cooling. Cooling towels will make them feel instantly better, no matter how hot they are. These are especially useful for someone who is hiking or walking outside when it gets really hot.

Exercise Playing Cards

FitDeck Illustrated Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Workouts

This is actually becoming really popular by people who want a different workout each time without having to choose what exercises to do. It is great for people who are hitting a weight loss or fitness plateau from always doing the same workout. With exercise playing cards, they have to do whatever exercise the card says to do, including the number of reps. FitDeck makes an excellent set of exercise cards that are inexpensive. These offer exercises for the lower body, upper, and middle body.

Yoga and Pilates Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022

Best Sports Gift Ideas for Yoga and Pilates Lovers

Do you have someone in your life that is interested in Yoga or Pilates? If so, you might want to use that interest as inspiration for their gift. There are a lot of products that people who like these fitness activities would enjoy immensely.

Pilates Ring

ProBody Pilates Pilates Ring

While most of the Pilates workouts are done without any equipment, there are actually a few different workout equipment and accessories sometimes used for the classes. One of the tools that might be needed is a Pilates ring. This is a big ring that is often used for toning and providing resistance for various moves. For example, there is a Pilates ring sold on Amazon that provides excellent core workouts, helping to strengthen the abdominal muscles while also helping with lower body workouts. It is less than $25 and makes a great gift.

Travel Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

For someone in your life that enjoys yoga, you can give them a yoga mat. Even if you suspect they already have one, they can never have too many. It really helps to have more than one, so that they have one at home, one in their car, and an extra in case one of the others gets lost or needs to be cleaned. A travel yoga mat is great for anyone that likes to go to classes outside the home because they roll up and have a strap on the outside so they are easy to carry around. There is a really good travel yoga mat from BalanceFrom that you can give as a gift.

Yoga Gift Set

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece

It is also possible to find a yoga gift that that will include multiple items in one, similar to putting a gift basket together. For example, Sivian Health and Fitness has a yoga gift set that is just $40 and includes 6 different items. This gift set in particular includes a yoga mar, hand towel, mat towel, yoga blocks, and a yoga strap. Many of these items can also be used for Pilates classes. You can choose this one or others that have items you are looking for.

Books on Yoga or Pilates

The Yoga Bible

There is nothing wrong with giving your loved one a book all about their favorite fitness activity! In fact, many people who love Pilates or yoga want to read all about it, including new techniques, various benefits, and everything else there is to know. You can find a lot of great books, from the history of Pilates to how to do all of the yoga poses without watching a video. For example, The Yoga Bible, is a top-rated book about yoga, written by Christina Brown.

Foam Exercise Blocks

REEHUT Yoga Block

For an affordable workout accessory, you can get the recipient some foam exercise blocks. These are really useful because they can be used for both yoga and Pilates. They typically are sold with 2 blocks at a time in a variety of colors. They are slip-resistant and have high-density foam that is meant to last.