Roborock S5 Review

When you want to keep your floors clean daily, you can sweep, then vacuum, then spot mop any sticky or noticeable spots on the floor. You have to make sure you have a broom in good working order, a vacuum that has a strong suction mode and a mop.

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

That’s a lot of cleaning tools to keep up with, so that means you’ll spend twice as much money, energy and time. You could get a floor sweeper that also mops – so that cuts down a little of the expense and time.

But it can’t vacuum. So you’d still have to take the time to do that, and you’d still have to buy mop heads or mop cloths. Or, you can get a vacuum that can replace all the things you need to do daily in one gadget!

The Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum can do the job of three tools. It has a strong Cyclone 3D Cleaning System. This means that the machine’s suction capacity works like the power of a cyclone, lifting up debris and suctioning it off the floor.

It has a main brush that floats, but it also has both side and rolling brushes. All these brushes combined are what clean the floor in all directions. These brushes are self-adjustable.

They’ll clean on the sides using 330RPMs. This quickly gets the dirt and debris along the edge of the room. But then, when it’s not vacuuming on the edge of the room, it lowers the RPMs to 130.

This action keeps the dust from floating around in the air. The vacuum uses Smart Navigation. This is a great feature. Relying on a laser sensor, the machine will scan each room it’s in.

Once it completes the scan, it determines the parameters using the SLAM algorithm. What this does is it creates a guide map for the vacuum. It then uses the map to determine the best way to move to clean your house as quickly as possible.

The machine is so smart that it can tell when it moves to carpet and will adjust the level of suction it uses. When it moves off the carpet, it resumes the previous suction level.

This vacuum can even spot mop for you.

It uses a mopping system that will gently wet the mopping cloth using its water tank so this keeps the floor – clean even from sticky spills. Some of its features include a washable, high efficiency filter, anti-collision sensors, fall sensors, and self-recharge.

It can run for 150 minutes. If it has to stop cleaning to recharge, it will return to the spot where the cleaning was paused and pick up right where it was before the recharge. The vacuum can be controlled through your smartphone. You can set your cleaning schedule through the app or use Alexa. You don’t need to spend your energy trying to keep up with three different tools and you don’t need to waste time cleaning your floors when one device can do the job of all three – and do it better.