Gift Baskets For Health Enthusiasts 2021

Gift baskets are a great way to give a gift when you don’t want to select one big gift, but multiple smaller gifts. No matter what type of interests your friend or loved one is, you can find a pre-made basket that is good for them, or just make one yourself. Here are some health-related gift baskets you can try making.

Juice and Smoothie Basket

Vintage Holiday Gift Box

Vintage Holiday Gift Box- The Fruit Company Meats

This is a fun gift basket that is easy to put together and gives you some options on how to do it. It is essentially a gift basket that includes items someone who enjoys drinking smoothies and juice might want to use. It can be someone you know likes smoothies and would want some additional accessories, or a relative who has expressed their interest in being healthier, and you think this would be a good starter kit. Some of the items you can include in the basket include a blender bottle, a cup or two for keeping the juice and smoothies in, and even some packets or containers of ingredients, like herbs, packets or goji berries or chia seeds, dried fruit, or even ice cube trays.

Weight Loss Basket

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This should really only be used for someone who has told you they have big plans for losing weight in the new year, as you don’t want to offend anyone. Generally it is appropriate for a parent, child, or very close friend that you talk back and forth with about weight loss, perhaps you both have a pact to lose weight soon. With this type of gift basket, include anything you think would be useful, such as a new water bottle, fitness tracker, journal to keep track of their food, and perhaps a workout shirt and other workout clothing.

Sports or Activities

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There is a lot of room for flexibility with this type of gift basket since it depends on the type of outdoor activity the individual enjoys. You are putting together a gift basket with a fitness or sports theme based on a specific activity. This might be a yoga gift basket with a book, clothing, yoga mat, and towel, or a basket for someone who loves to go swimming, running, hiking, or playing softball. A good idea for this type of basket is to use a gym bag, yoga bag, or sports bag as the basket instead of an actual basket, then include all of the different gift items inside that bag.