COZOO USB Bedside Table & Desk Lamp Review

These days, you probably have a lot of devices that need charging. You probably need to charge your phone, your laptop, possibly a smartwatch, and so on. All of these different items require chargers, and things can get a bit crowded with cables if you’re trying to fit them all into a standard outlet, which only has two inputs.

COZOO’s new smart lamp

With COZOO’s new smart lamp, you can charge all of your devices quickly and without the pain of managing all those chargers. COZOO’s smart lamp is equipped with multiple charger inputs that you can connect your cables to, so that you only really need one wall socket to power all of your devices.

It includes several USB inputs, and 2 wall socket inputs. You’re able to charge up to 5 devices at any time, at least while the lamp is plugged in. The USB ports are quite impressive.

They run on fast-charging technology that allows you to cut the time it takes to charge your phone and other devices down considerably. By using the latest ports, it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours or so to get a full charge on an empty phone, which is quite a feat compared to a standard charger.

Additionally, these ports are equipped to prevent charging overloads, which helps save your battery life. If you leave your phone charging even after it’s at 100% battery, it can actually damage the battery and shorten the lifespan of it, meaning that you’ll run out of juice during the day faster.

These ports cut the power when the device reaches 100%, meaning that your battery life will be sustained. There are also a number of safety features included in this lamp. It’s built with a fireproof case, so you won’t have to worry about overloading it or anything like that.

If the case wasn’t built like it is, there would be a greater chance of the increased current running through it starting a fire in your bedroom. At the end of the day, this lamp is also stylish and modern. It has a very simple, minimalistic design that can really bring a room together. The ports will work whether the lamp portion is on or off, so you can charge your devices overnight without having to worry about the light. Combine this item with a smart light bulb and you’ll certainly have a great piece of bedroom décor.