Coffee Gift Basket Ideas 2021

If you are looking to provide a gift for friends or family for the holidays or other special occasions, you might be thinking about preparing a gift basket. For friends who enjoy drinking coffee, Coffee gift baskets are a great option. Instead of just purchasing them a new coffee mug or bag of gourmet coffee beans, you can create a custom gift basket that incorporates everything they would need for the gourmet coffee.

Coffee and Muffins


Rather than just including coffee in the gift basket, you can also add some baked goods like muffins. If you know your friends enjoy donuts, cookies or pastries, include those instead of muffins. Choose a variety of muffin flavors in the basket, along with different types of gourmet coffee beans that will go good with those muffins. To fill in space, add in packets of sugar or sweetener, powdered coffee creamer and a coffee mug or two if there is room in the basket.

French Press

If you want to give your friends a French press as a housewarming or Christmas gift, you can include that in a larger gift basket. Not only will you include the new French press but also a bag of coffee beans in any flavor you think they will enjoy and a tall coffee mug to complete the basket. To dress up the gift basket, pour out a little bit of these or another type of coffee beans into the basket; this will also fill up any empty spaces.

Coffee on the Go

This is a wonderful coffee gift basket for any loved one or friend who lives a busy lifestyle. Choose a small gift basket or other container and place a container of instant coffee, small creamer containers and sugar packets that don’t take up too much space, and a to-go coffee mug. Additional gift ideas in this gift basket include a cup holder for their car and tall stirring spoons.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee gift baskets can also be combined with tea as some people like both. Create a gift basket with coffee beans and tea packets along with a coffee mug and teacup, and the usual sweeteners, sugars, and creamers. It can also be combined with the couples gift basket if one person likes coffee and the other likes tea.

Coffee gift baskets are typically popular among most people, since so many people drink coffee, but adding tea and hot chocolate to the baskets is also a good idea.