Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Review

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  • Date: January 3, 2021
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When you have a regular toilet seat, it not only results in you spending more money on hygiene, but it also contributes to your discomfort and exposure to more germs and bacteria.

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

Using a regular toilet seat means that you spend a lot of money on toilet paper. You can wipe repeatedly and never truly get or feel clean. But all that extra tissue causes problems.

Toilet paper clogs are one of the leading causes of water overflow in the bathroom. It’s also a leading cause of plumbing pipes getting clogged. When you have an accidental overflow, it spreads those germs and bacteria all over the toilet base and onto your floor.

If you can’t unclog the pipe yourself, then you have to call out a plumber, which costs you in both time and money. You could try cleaning the toilet repeatedly throughout the day to prevent as many germs and bacteria as possible from accumulating.

You could also try using one ply toilet paper and limiting the sheets used to save money and keep clogs from happening. Or, you can get a smart toilet seat. The Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat means you get to use less toilet paper, so right away, you save money.

You also stay more hygienic. The bidet uses a dual nozzle that can wash both the front and back of the private area. It’s kid friendly, too – which means it can help cut down on or even eliminate contamination from bowel movements.

The seat’s controls are located within easy reach on the side. The seat is designed for comfort. One of the great features with this product is that it’s heated. So if you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of a chilly night, you won’t be jolted wideawake by a freezing toilet seat.

The water is also warm, which makes it more comfortable when washing. The gadget has a slow closing lid, which is a plus for several reasons. One, because it can keep animals from drinking from the toilet.

Secondly, it can keep children out of the toilet. Third, it keeps germs in the toilet when the toilet is flushed rather than sending droplets out into the air like manually closing seats do.

The seat has an energy saving mode, so you save on electricity. It also has a massage feature. This can be used to help encourage regular bowel movements. It also has a bubble infusion feature.


This creates air pockets that cushion the spray of water to make it a gentle, pleasant experience. The seat has wide clean for your convenience and switches from front to back cleaning. It also has a self clean function. There’s no need to waste your money on excessive toilet paper, or having to worry about clogs or not getting as clean as you’d like to be – not when the easy to install Bio Bidet is available for use in your home!

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