Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees 2021

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees 2019

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees 2021 – Whether your business is a large or small one, knowing what to get for employees is easy when you have a go-to guide. You don’t have to give employees a gift basket – even though baskets filled with coffees or teas, with cookies or jellies or chocolates are always a big hit with employees.

You can give a selection of gift cards to restaurants, coffee shops and department stores – but there are plenty of other gifts, too. Many companies rely on a holiday ham or turkey for employees, but you have an opportunity to give something different.

Inspirational Gift Set
Inspirational Gift Set

Some employers like to give their employees engraved pen gift sets. You can get them individually, or give a set with a complete case that it comes in. Some include a pen and a mechanical pencil in them.

Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves
Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Women and Men

For employees that have to brave the cold, texting gloves are good gifts because they leave the fingers free to text while keeping everything warm and dry. Regular gloves also make a nice gift.

A set of gift cards that will allow your employees to have a nice dinner and then go to the movies is a fantastic holiday gift. Gas cards also make great Christmas gifts in this economy.

3 PCS Christmas Stockings
3 PCS Christmas Stockings

No one is ever too old to enjoy getting a stocking. Christmas stockings that are personalized for each employee make great gifts and you can get the names put on the stockings usually free of charge. Stuff them with candy and snacks.

Books and book gift certificates are great gifts and they allow each employee to get something they’re specifically interested in. There are bird books, sailing books, landscape and travel books and books that focus on all sorts of hobbies, in addition to fiction novels that help them escape the stresses of their days.

Invicta Men's Aviator Stainless Steel Quartz Watch
Invicta Men’s Aviator Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Watches are nice retirement gifts, but they make good Christmas gifts for both men and women and you can have them engraved to make them more meaningful. If you have employees that have to go to other cities on company business, you can buy nice carry on bags or travel gadgets.


Small digital cameras make great gifts and with all the influx of the latest models for the upcoming New Year, you can pick up some of the 2021 models a good sale prices. If you want to go all out, include an extra memory card for the gift, too.

If you still like the idea of ordering your employees some sort of holiday meal, then you might consider getting them an Omaha Steaks gift card so that they can pick what they want – from steaks and burgers or hot dogs to chicken cordon blue or one of their famous desserts.